Super Bowl XLVI: Do you really know your NFL rules?

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It’s first and 10 questions to go to test your knowledge of National Football League rules. Before sitting down to watch Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, see how much you really know.

The NFL rulebook specifies that the goal posts be what color?

Fire engine red


Bright gold




Neon orange


To score a touchdown, what is required?

That the player in possession set foot in the end zone.


That the scoring player’s body break the plane of the end zone.


That the ball be held over any part of the goal line.


That the ball in possession of the scoring player extend beyond the goal line.


The official width of the field is:

110 feet


135 feet


160 feet


182 feet


True or false? An offensive team may make an unlimited number of forward passes during each play from scrimmage.







A player wearing which one of the following jersey numbers is not eligible to catch a forward pass?









A quarterback who throws a pass that lands at or beyond the line of scrimmage will not be called for intentional grounding (throwing the ball away to avoid a sack) under what circumstance?

His team is behind with less than two minutes to play.


The intended receiver has tripped and fallen to the ground.


The quarterback has escaped at least one tackle and remains in the pocket.


The quarterback has moved out of the pocket.


True or false? A defender will not be called for pass interference if he attempts to make a play on the ball by playing through the back of an opponent?







How many seconds does the offensive team have to put the ball into play by a snap?

15 seconds


20 seconds


30 seconds


40 seconds


Kickoffs were moved to what yard line for the 2011 season?

25 yard line


30 yard line


35 yard line


40 yard line


True or false? If a runner trips in the open field, he may get up and continue running.