NFC Championship quiz: Are you a real 49er fan?

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What do you really know about the NFL’s San Francisco franchise? Find out by taking this 10-question quiz in the lead-up to Sunday’s NFC Championship Game against the New York Giants.

The 49ers appear headed to what Bay Area community, where plans are being finalized for them to occupy a new stadium starting in 2015?

Palo Alto


San Jose


Santa Clara


Redwood City


Although he led the 49ers to three Super Bowl victories, quarterback Joe Montana finished his 15-career with what NFL team?

San Diego Chargers


Kansas City Chiefs


Dallas Cowboys


Chicago Bears


Which former 49er finished second in the 2006 “Dancing With the Stars” competition?

Steve Young


Jerry Rice


Ronnie Lott


Joe Montana


What offensive attack did former 49ers head coach Bill Walsh popularize?







West Coast


What nickname was given to the 1950s San Francisco backfield that featured four future Hall of Famers?

Million Dollar Backfield


Four Horsemen


Golden Gate Yardage Co.


Fearsome Foursome


Which one of the following players never quarterbacked the 49ers?

Steve Spurrier


John Brodie


Steve Young


Joe Namath


When Mike Nolan coached the 49ers from 2005 to 2008, he got the league’s permission to do what?

Outfit the team in gold shoes.


Wear a coat and tie on the sidelines.


Switch the team’s off-season training to Hawaii.


Hold a fan festival on Alcatraz.


Which 49er receiver made “The Catch,” the leaping, last-minute grab that secured 1982 playoff victory over the Dallas Cowboys and made the cover of Sports Illustrated?

Dwight Clark


Terrell Owens


Gene Washington


J.J. Stokes


After starring for another team, what famous player completed his career with the 49ers?

Dick Butkus


Brett Favre


Terry Bradshaw


O.J. Simpson


Where do the 49ers play their home games?

Kezar Stadium


AT&T Park


Candlestick Park


California Memorial Stadium (UCal-Berkeley)