BCS National Championship Game: It’s Alabama football quiz time!

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Alabama and Notre Dame go at it Monday night with everything on the line in South Florida. Each team has multiple national titles and a rich football tradition. The last time these two schools met with a college football championship on the line was the 1974 Orange Bowl. While waiting for the kickoff, test your knowledge of Alabama’s football tradition.

[Updated Jan. 4, 2013]

Who is the only Alabama player to ever win the Heisman Trophy?

Don Hutson


Joe Namath


Mark Ingram


Dixie Howell


The son of what famous NFL coach coached Alabama from 2003 to 2006?

Bill Walsh


Don Shula


Chuck Noll


Bill Parcells


What animal serves as the Crimson’s Tide mascot?









Before leading Alabama to a national championship in 2009, what college team did Nick Saban guide to the championship of the 2003 season?



Michigan State


Southern Cal


Louisiana State


How do some Alabama fans pay homage today to former legendary coach Bear Bryant?

They wear houndstooth hats to Alabama games.


They attach red and white balloons to his on-campus statue.


They endow a coaching position in his name.


They flock to the Bear Bryant memorial tailgatiing parking lot before the game.


How did Bear Bryant acquire his nickname?

He was born in Bear Creek, Ala.


He once wrestled a bear.


When he growled at players, he sounded like a bear.


He once played for the Chicago Bears.


In what year did Alabama integrate its roster with the school’s first black player?









Years ago, Alabama played in the Rose Bowl six times, including in 1931 when they clinched a national championship while doing what that was unusual?

Alabama started second-string players.


Alabama attempted no passes.


Alabama wore sneakers rather than football cleats.


Alabama recovered four on-side kicks.


When Alabama won the 1961 national championship, the team’s spectacular defense gave up how many points during the season?

13 points


25 points


40 points


51 points


Which one of the former Alabama quarterbacks played on a winless team his senior year?

Bart Starr


Joe Namath


Ken Stabler


Greg McElroy