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How well do you know the major league game? Find out here.

In 1938, players on the Cleveland Indians established what unusual unofficial record?

For catching baseballs dropped from the greatest height


For attempting the most bunts in a game


For never using the same lineup twice in a row throughout the season


For train mileage traveled during a single road trip


When Houston was awarded an expansion franchise in 1962, what nickname did it use for the first three years?





Prairie Dogs


Colt .45s


What is the only major-league club to list Sedona red as one of its team colors?

Los Angeles Angels


Arizona Diamondbacks


Florida Marlins


St. Louis Cardinals


Which team did Pete Rose never play for?

Philadelphia Phillies


Montreal Expos


Cincinnati Reds


Atlanta Braves


Peter Ueberroth was elected to succeed Bowie Kuhn as commissioner of Major League Baseball in 1984 after successfully running what major sports event?

Masters golf tournament


1984 Los Angeles Olympics


Indianapolis 500


US Open tennis tournament


Which major league team released outfielder-DH Bo Jackson in 1991 after he injured his hip while playing for the National Football League’s Los Angeles Raiders?

Chicago White Sox


St. Louis Cardinals


Kansas City Royals


Pittsburgh Pirates


In 1991, Nolan Ryan of the Texas Rangers pitches an unprecedented seventh career no-hitter, which he caps off by striking out the only position player in the 2011 Hall of Fame class. Who was it?

Roberto Alomar


Tony Gwynn


Jim Rice


Don Mattingly


Steve Sax, an all-star second baseman with the Dodgers in the 1980s, developed a mental block in performing what skill?

Making the pivot on the double play


Taking the throw from the catcher on attempted steals


Making the throw to first base


Catching pop flies


- In 1996, the Baseball Writers Association of America not only didn’t elect a single player to the Hall of Fame, they bypassed two pitchers with 300 career wins. Who were they?

Phil Niekro and Don Sutton


Tom Glavine and Greg Maddux


Tom Seaver and Steve Carlton


Cy Young and Walter Johnson


Which major-league player has pitched Japan to victory in each of the first two World Baseball Classics?

Hideki Okajima


Daisuke "Dice-K" Matsuzaka


Takashi Sato


Hideki Matsui


In the post-World War II era, who is the only team owner to manage his team, albeit for just one game?

Ted Turner


Walter O'Malley


August Busch


Bud Selig


Who was the Dodger pitcher who gave up the “shot heard round the world,” the dramatic home run that the Giants' Bobby Thomson hit to win a pennant-deciding playoff game in 1951?

Ralph Branca


Clem Labine


Don Drysdale


Johnny Podres


During four years as a pitcher with the Boston Red Sox, Babe Ruth won 78 games. Once traded to the Yankees, how many games did he win?









Which US president is said to have possibly started the seventh-inning stretch tradition?

Theodore Roosevelt


William Howard Taft


Woodrow Wilson


Harry Truman


What nickname was given to 6 ft. 8 in. Frank Howard, one of the largest men to ever play in the majors, during his seven years (1965-71) with the Washington Senators?

Capitol Cruncher




Washington Monument


Big Stick


The right-field foul pole in Fenway Park is named after what former Red Sox player?

Johnny Damon


Dwight Evans


Johnny Pesky


Rico Petrocelli


When Seattle’s Ichiro Suzuki broke the record for most hits in a season with 262, whose record did he break?

Pete Rose


Joe DiMaggio


Ty Cobb


George Sisler


Which famous quote was used to describe the futility of the old Washington Senators?

“First in war, first in peace, and last in the American League”


Baseball that deserves to be vetoed”


“Congress moves faster than the Senators”


“A team only the IRS could love”


Who was the last pitcher in the majors to win 30 games in a season?

Tom Seaver


Roger Clemens


Sandy Koufax


Denny McLain


When the Cubs announced little-known Mike Quade as the team’s new manager last October, which former Cubs’ great expressed disappointment he didn’t get the job?

Ernie Banks


Ryne Sandberg


Mark Grace


Bruce Sutter


Which cowboy star of radio, TV, and movies was the founder of the Los Angeles/California Angels?

Roy Rogers


Hopalong Cassidy


Gene Autry


John Wayne


When the White Sox made into the 1959 World Series with a team long on pitching, speed, and defense, but short on hitting, what nickname had they adopted?

The Go-Go Sox


The Bunting Brigade


The Men of Steal


The Hitless Wonders


In 1988, this Minnesota Twins player had the highest batting average (.356.) of any American League right-handed hitter since Joe DiMaggio. Who was he?

Tony Oliva


Kirby Puckett


Torii Hunter


Bob Allison


As the colorful manager of the Baltimore Orioles for 17 years, Earl Weaver was famous for all but which one of the following?

Kicking dirt on umpires


A managerial style geared toward “pitching, defense, and three-run homers”


His ongoing arguments with pitcher Jim Palmer


Falling asleep in the dugout


What prevented speedster Vince Coleman of the St. Louis Cardinals from completing the 1985 postseason?

He was injured by an electronic tarpaulin.


He was placed under house arrest as a tax delinquent.


It was discovered he’d never signed a standard player’s contract.


He wasn’t willing to change his wedding and honeymoon plans.


Who was the Phillies’ manager in 1964 when the team squandered a 6-1/2 game lead with 13 games go to lose the National League pennant to the St. Louis Cardinals?

Gene Mauch


Danny Ozark


Dallas Green


Larry Bowa


Once the Florida Marlins move into a new baseball-only stadium next year, what will be the only US-based team left that still shares its stadium with a National Football League team?

Cincinnati Reds


Tampa Bay Rays


Oakland A's


Atlanta Braves


Jackie Robinson of the Dodgers had the honor of being the first black player in the majors and the National League, but who was the first black in the American League?

Elston Howard


Larry Doby


Monte Irvin


Frank Robinson


Although he would eventually broadcast games for the Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, and Oakland A’s, Harry Caray enjoyed his longest tenure and began his major-league career with what team?

Detroit Tigers


St. Louis Cardinals


New York Yankees


Baltimore Orioles


What Hall of Fame pitcher hit a home run in his very first major-league at-bat, but never hit another throughout his 21-year career?

Warren Spahn


Hoyt Wilhelm


Bob Gibson


Bert Blyleven


Which ballpark is famous for its ivy-covered walls?

Fenway Park


Camden Yard


Wrigley Field


Dodger Stadium


In 1978, pitcher Gaylord Perry of the San Diego Padres accomplished what baseball first?

He became the first pitcher to homer in consecutive at-bats.


He became the first pitcher to win the Cy Young Award in both leagues.


He became the first big-leaguer to sing the pregame national anthem.


He became the first traded player to switch dugouts in mid-game.


What is the fewest number of home runs by a player to ever lead the majors for an entire season?









Which player during a 2005 congressional hearing on steroids, uttered the now infamous quote “I have never used steroids, period. I don't know how to say it any more clearly than that”?

Mark McGwire


Barry Bonds


Rafael Palmeiro


Jose Canseco


How long does it take to open or close the retractable roof at Toronto’s Rogers Centre, the home of the Blue Jays?

60 seconds


5 minutes


20 minutes


1 hour


Who was the last player to have a Triple Crown season, leading his league in batting average, home runs, and runs batted in?

Willie Mays


Dale Murphy


Carl Yastrzemski


Ken Griffey Jr.


What happens when a batted ball hits the catwalk under the roof at Tropicana Field, the home of the Tampa Bay Rays?

It’s counted as a foul ball and play ends.


The batter wins a SUV from a local auto dealer.


If the ball is caught, the batter is out.


The batter is awarded an automatic double.


In baseball parlance, what is a “dinger”?

double play


pitch that hits a batter


broken-bat single


home run


Which former major-league pitcher spent 12 years as a US senator from the state of Kentucky?

Mel Stottlemyre


Jim Bunning


Catfish Hunter


"Vinegar Bend" Mizell


Besides being the principal owner of the Boston Red Sox, what other sports acquisitions has John Henry made?

Liverpool (England) soccer team and NASCAR racing team


Pebble Beach golf course and Idaho’s Sun Valley ski resort


America’s Cup yacht and NFL’s Miami Dolphins


NHL’s Columbus Blue Jackets and NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder


How long was Joe DiMaggio married to Marilyn Monroe?

Less than a year


2 years


5 years


7 years


At which stadium do home runs that sail out of the park in right field land in a body of water?

Cleveland's Progressive Field


Baltimore's Camden Yards


San Francisco's AT&T Park


San Diego's PETCO Park


Who is the only catcher to have caught four no-hitters?

Del Crandall


Jason Varitek


Yogi Berra


Roy Campanella


Why do the Oakland A’s have an elephant as a team symbol?

Because the team owner was once a staunch Republican


Because Oakland fans tend to be circus lovers


Because as one of baseball’s oldest teams, the franchise has a “long memory”


Because a rival manager once called the A’s “white elephants


Which movie about major-league baseball is rated highest among Sports Illustrated’s picks of the 50 greatest sports movies of all time?

"Bang the Drum Slowly"


"Eight Men Out"


"The Rookie"


'Major League"


What baseball great was the first manager of the Texas Rangers?

Mickey Mantle


Ted Williams


Frank Robinson


Stan Musial


Which famous broadcaster is credited with hiring Vin Scully to join him in the booth, calling Brooklyn Dodger games in 1950?

Lindsey Nelson


Dizzy Dean


Mel Allen


Red Barber


Which team has twice won the World Series, but has never won its own division?

Minnesota Twins


Florida Marlins


Los Angeles Angels


Philadelphia Phillies


Although Stuffy Stirnweiss is a virtually forgotten player, in what category did he lead the majors in 1944 and 1945?

Stolen bases


Home runs


Earned-run average


Batting average


Houston’s Enron Field, a name that conjured uncomfortable associations with a major corporate scandal, took on a new identity in 2002. What is the current name of the Astros’ home field?

Halliburton Stadium


Minute Maid Park


Frito-Lay Field


Shell Oil Stadium


What prompted a suspension of fan voting for the All-Star Game lineups after 1957?

A problem with tabulating the votes


A players’ union walkout in protest of the format


Balloting proved too costly


Fans of one team stuffed the ballot box


What company owns the Seattle Mariners?





Nintendo of America




On July 8, 1949, Hank Thompson of the New York Giants became the first black batter to face a black pitcher in the major-league game. Which pitcher was on the mound?

Satchell Paige


Don Newcombe


Bob Gibson


Earl Wilson


Tony La Russa, the manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, is the founder and chairperson of what organization?

Animal Rescue Foundation


Missouri Meals on Wheels


St. Louis chapter of the Mark Twain Book Club


Mississippi River Rafters Association


The playing of what musical instrument once caused a famous meltdown on a New York Yankees team bus?







snare drum


What year did the Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum open its doors to the public in Cooperstown, N.Y.?









Because the towering right-field fence at the Metrodome, the Twins' former home in Minneapolis, was swathed in a sheet of plastic, what nickname was it given?

Faux Fence




Poly Porch


Recycle Wall


What pioneer of the National Football League played briefly for the New York Yankees and was Babe Ruth’s predecessor as the team’s right fielder?

Vince Lombardi


Red Grange


George Halas


Jim Thorpe


Which player owns the longest hitting streak of 44 games in the post-World War II era?

Paul Molitor


Rod Carew


Pete Rose


Tony Gwynn


The historical records suggests that the motorized bullpen cart had its beginnings with which team?

Oakland A's


Cleveland Indians


Chicago White Sox


Los Angeles Dodgers


Which team broke up the Yankees’ bid in 2001 to win a fourth consecutive World Series?

Atlanta Braves


Arizona Diamondbacks


St. Louis Cardinals


New York Mets


In 2005, Cincinnati Reds hurler Aroldis Chapman threw the fastest pitch recorded in a major-league game. How fast was it?

93 m.p.h.


99 m.p.h.


105 m.p.h.


121 m.p.h.


The blown umpiring call last year that ruined a perfect game for Detroit pitcher Armando Gallaraga involved what on the potential final out?

Throw to first base


Fair or foul call


Home run ruling


Whether a line drive was caught


Moe Berg, who spent 15 years in the major leagues as a backup catcher, had a reputation as the brainiest player in baseball. What pursuit did he turn to during World War II?

code breaking




propaganda broadcaster




What is the only state with a major-league team still waiting to host a World Series?