Wimbledon 2011: Know your tennis champions

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Wimbledon celebrates its 125th anniversary this year. As the storied tennis tournament begins its two week run Monday, here’s a short quiz about the winners of the Wimbledon championship.

The United States claims more champions than any other country in both women’s and men’s singles, with 54 and 33 respectively. Which country stands solidly in second place?









Two-time Wimbledon winner Rene Lacoste, one of France’s famous Four Musketeers, introduced what well-received product after his 1925 and 1928 championships?

Tennis shirt








With his victory in 1936, Fred Perry, whose father was a member of Parliament, became the last British man to win a singles crown at Wimbledon. What tournament record does he hold?

He is the only player to never double-fault in a championship match.


He is the only player to win the final in straight sets three times.


He is the only champion to serve underhanded.


He is the last champion to win with a wooden racket.


Why was France’s Suzanne Lenglen, the winner of six Wimbledon singles titles, booed in her last match ever at the tournament in 1926?

She appeared to insult the queen with her late arrival.


She yelled a profanity at a linesman.


By wearing shorts she broke the club dress code.


She refused to shake her opponent’s hand.


Which two players met in the 1980 men’s final, which many observers consider the greatest match in Wimbledon history?

John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors


Boris Becker and Pete Sampras


Ivan Lendl and Pat Cash


Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe


Chris Evert, who won her first Wimbledon crown in 1974, became engaged to that year’s men champion, but they broke off the engagement later the same year. Who was her former fiancé?

Vitas Gerulaitis


Jimmy Connors


John Newcombe


Stan Smith


What Wimbledon champion is sometimes called the “Jackie Robinson” of tennis”?

Serena Williams


Althea Gibson


Arthur Ashe


Venus Williams


Martina Navratilova won her first Wimbledon doubles title with Chris Evert, the second with Billie Jean King. Who did she play alongside in winning her remaining five women’s double crowns?

Hana Mandlikova


Chris Evert


Helena Sukova


Pam Shriver


Half of Roger Federer’s six Wimbledon championships have come by defeating the same player. Who is he?

Andy Roddick


Rafael Nadal


Andre Agassi


Pete Sampras


What nickname did the media give to Helen Wills-Moody, a star of the 1920s and 1930s who held the record with eight Wimbledon singles titles until Martina Navratilova won her ninth?

Little Miss Poker Face


Sunshine Supergirl


Mother Freedom


The Ice Maiden