How much do you know about presidential pets? Take our quiz.

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As a struggling economy dogs President Obama, his famous four-legged friend, Bo, could be a political risk, a new George Washington University study finds. The authors conclude that presidential pets are welcomed in times of scandal and war but not in bouts of economic instability. Whatever the case, first pets have long attracted publicity and press. From pooches to parakeets, see what facts you can recall about some noteworthy presidential pets. 

Which president housed an alligator briefly in the bathroom of the East Room?

Thomas Jefferson


John Quincy Adams


Andrew Jackson


Theodore Roosevelt


Who made President Martin Van Buren give two tiger cubs to a zoo?



First lady Hannah Van Buren


The Sultan of Oman


Vice President Richard Johnson


What was the name of the George W. Bush dog that enjoyed its own page on the White House website and appeared in a total of 11 films?









Which president rejected accusations that he dispatched a US Navy destroyer to retrieve his dog after allegedly leaving it behind on the Aleutian Islands?

Richard Nixon


Franklin D. Roosevelt


Gerald Ford


Bill Clinton


What were the names of Lyndon B. Johnson’s beagles, which were featured on the cover of Life magazine?

Jack and Jill


Barbie and Ken


Him and Her


Ben and Jerry


Which president was said to have the first White House dog to be routinely covered in the press?

George W. Bush


Franklin D. Roosevelt


Lyndon B. Johnson


Warren Harding


Which first family had a pony that freely wandered around the White House grounds?

The Kennedy family


The Reagan family


The Nixon family


The Carter family


Which president loved milk so much that he brought his own cow to the White House?

Grover Cleveland


William McKinley


Woodrow Wilson


William Taft


What first lady was dragged across the White House lawn by her pet?

Nancy Reagan


Lady Bird Johnson


Louisa Catherine Adams


Edith Roosevelt


Which of the following animals was not a first pet during the Coolidge presidency?









Which president accepted a white, blue-eyed tigress on the White House lawn?

Ulysses Grant


Andrew Jackson


Ronald Reagan


Dwight Eisenhower


What distinction does Millie, George H.W. Bush's springer spaniel, hold?

She is the only first pet ever to write a book.


She wet the carpets in the Oval Office so often they needed to be replaced.


She is the only first dog to have puppies in the White House.


She ate only meals prepared by the White House chef.


What patriotic name did Gerald Ford give his golden retriever?









What was the name of the goat that lived at the White House during the Benjamin Harrison presidency?



Sweetie May


Old Whiskers


Grover Cleveland


Why did Woodrow Wilson have sheep graze on the White House lawn?

His children made sweaters from the wool.


He wanted to cut maintenance costs.


They reminded him of his childhood home in Staunton, Va.


He did it to anger Congress.


What did Harry Truman do to elicit attacks of being anti-canine?

He put his dog up for adoption upon winning the presidency.


He was the first president to have his dog spayed.


He gave away a puppy he received as a Christmas gift.


He said he considered himself "more of a cat president."


What breed is the Obamas' dog, Bo?





Portuguese water dog




From which senator did the Obama family accept Bo?

Harry Reid


Dianne Feinstein


John McCain


Edward Kennedy


Which president entrusted his cat, Socks, to his personal secretary at the end of his term?

George W. Bush


Bill Clinton


Herbert Hoover


Harry Truman


What other pet shared the George W. Bush White House with dogs Barney and Miss Beazley?





Guinea pig