Are you smarter than a 12th-grader? A reading comprehension quiz.

Jake Turcotte/Staff

The National Assessment of Educational Progress has just released the results of math and reading tests that 12th-graders took last year. The average score on the reading portion was higher than in 2005, but lower than in 1992. What follows are six sample questions from the reading section. Overall on the test, 38 percent of students scored at or above a proficient level in reading. How many questions can you answer correctly?

According to the rental agreement, what is the first action the landlord will take if the rent is not paid on time?

Keep the security deposit


Terminate the tenant's contract


Send a seven-day notice


Require one month's rent in advance


According to the rental agreement, which of the following is the landlord required to do?

Maintain and repair air-conditioning units


Provide a stove and refrigerator


Arrange for weekly trash disposal


Supply the tenant with multiple keys


According to the rental agreement, when would the tenant have to pay the rent with cash or money order?

When the rent is late


When the rent is being mailed


When a notice has been posted


When a check has been returned


According to the rental agreement, what is one situation in which the tenant might lose some of the security deposit?

When the landlord has not received the rent on time


When there has been any reasonable wear to the property


When the rent check has been dishonored and returned


When the tenant moves out and leaves belongings behind


Section 8 of the rental agreement states that under certain circumstances, the tenant will reimburse the landlord. This means that the tenant must:

Notify the landlord about a forwarding addres


Pay the landlord back for excessive damage


Pay an additional security deposit


Return all keys when vacating the property


In Section 12, the rental agreement states that the landlord can enter and show the house to "prospective residents." The agreement is referring to people who:

Are interested in living in the house


Wish to make future improvements


Lived in the house before


Help the landlord do inspections