Obama visits Puerto Rico: a quiz to test how well you know it

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President Obama travels to San Juan, Puerto Rico, on June 14, the first time a sitting US president has visited the territory since 1961. In honor of Mr. Obama’s Puerto Rico visit, test your knowledge of the island with this quiz.

Puerto Rican Gov. Luis Guillermo Fortuno supports which of the following?

Puerto Rico becoming the 51 state


Puerto Rico becoming its own country


Puerto Rico remaining a territory


Puerto Rico forming a new country with the Dominican Republic


When did the US first occupy Puerto Rico?

1848, at the end of the Mexican-American War


1919, at the end of World War I


1898, at the end of the Spanish-American War


1959, after the Cuban Revolution


How many people live there?



1.5 million


3.7 million


10.2 million


Puerto Rico is closest to which US state?









Which explorer made Puerto Rico known to the European world?

Ferdinand Magellan


William Clark


Francisco Vásquez de Coronado


Christopher Columbus


Puerto Ricans do all of the following, EXCEPT:

Vote for president of the United States


Elect their own governor


Enjoy US citizenship status


Send a non-voting delegate to the US House of Representatives


About 2 million Puerto Ricans have migrated to the United States, most of whom live in which US city?

New York City


Orlando, Fla.


Los Angeles


New Orleans


Until the 1940s, what product dominated the Puerto Rican economy?









What are the colors of the Puerto Rican flag?

Green, black, and red


Red, blue, and yellow


White, black, and red


Blue, red, and white


What religion do most Puerto Ricans practice?



Roman Catholicism