Record store day: 10 of the best album covers ever

In honor of Record Store Day (which I imagine the GOP wants to get rid of), I've compiled my own fairly random list of top ten album covers. The criteria was simple: I'd hang it on my wall. . . if I hung record jackets on my wall. Enjoy!

1.London Calling - The Clash:

They totally ripped off Elvis, but if you're going to copy...

Go - Dexter Gordon:

Cheapest album cover ever produced, but one of the best. Makes typography sexy.

Down Here on the Ground - Wes Montgomery:

From CTI jazz's 70's series of gorgeous covers with really, really bad fusion inside.

Freewheelin' - Bob Dylan:

Folk music (and NYC) never looked cool until Dylan and girlfriend Suze Rotolo took their iconic winter stroll in Greenwich Village.

Johnny Griffin - Vol, 2:

Fifty years before photoshop,some ingenious designer put together this musical collage with the old cut and paste method for tenor sax player Johnny Griffin.

Jackson Browne - Late for the Sky:

Conceived as an homage to a favorite painter, Browne's liner notes credit the source. "cover concept Jackson Browne if it's all reet with Magritte." A cover image perfectly compatible with the introspective, laid-back music contained therein.

Eldridge Collates - Roy Eldridge:

Renowned illustrator David Stone Martin painted a number of jazz record jackets but this 1951 commission for trumpeter Roy Eldridge is a stone stunner.

Rubber Soul - The Beatles:

Who was ever this cool? Nobody, that's who. You've heard the story; Beatles' photographer Robert Freeman was projecting slides from the boys' latest portrait session onto an album-sized cardboard, and it slipped.. a little, distorting the shot. "We want that", they exclaimed in unison.

Gene Vincent & His Blue Caps:

Everything you need to know about the birth of rock n' roll is in his hair. 'Nuff said.

Doolittle - The Pixies:

Does great design always have to make sense?