Think you know the odd effects of global climate change? Take our quiz.

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Climate change conjures images of long, hot summers, melting ice caps and stranded polar bears. But as the weather gets stranger, so too does its effects on the environment, sometimes in the oddest of ways. How well do you know the signs of change?

Sea levels rose by roughly how many inches in the 20th century?









Warmer temperatures can have a peculiar effect on cold-blooded animals. Scientists have observed that an increase in temperatures from climate change has caused some fish, amphibians, and reptiles to:

Grow in size


Shrink in size


Eat more


Spontaneously combust


Shorter winters have had a negative impact on winter sports industries in some areas. To highlight the change, some clever winter athletes organized a:

Snowless ski race


Indoor bobsled competition


Artificial snowball fight


Sand dune sled race


During the “snowpocalypse” of 2011, we learned that extreme weather even has the ability to turn roads into parking lots. In what major US city were hundreds of motorists forced to abandon their vehicles after massive snowfall shut down a major urban artery?

Los Angeles


New York






The president of what island nation announced plans to buy more than 5,000 acres of land in Fiji in case rising waters force its 103,000 inhabitants to evacuate?





Sri Lanka




The production of what tasty pancake topping is expected to decline slightly by the end of the century?

Maple syrup




Whipped cream


Chocolate chips


Melting glaciers in the Alps have left behind some interesting treasures from another time. What are they?

Dinosaur bones


World War I explosives


Old Twinkies


Roman coins


Northeastern birds that winter in the southern United States are returning north in the spring earlier than they did in the early 20th century. How many days earlier are they returning?









Over the course of one week in 2010, extreme monsoons dropped almost a decade’s worth of rain on Pakistan. The water was so slow to recede that millions of the nation’s spiders and insects were forced to:

Weave elaborate, dense cocoons of webs in trees above the stagnant water


Cling desperately to floating pieces of debris


Migrate en masse to neighboring Afghanistan


Learn to swim


What weather-related event forced a nuclear plant in Connecticut to power down in the summer?

Lightning from a major thunderstorm threatened to damage the nuclear reactor


High temperatures caused the plant’s source of cooling water to overheat


Massive floods prevented workers from accessing critical parts of the plant


High winds carried toxic gas emissions into nearby populated areas


As water temperatures rise, pink salmon have begun spawning earlier than previously recorded. Scientists have linked this change in behavior to:



A change the salmon's diet


A change in the salmon's genes


A change in tidal patterns


The rate at which the Alps are growing is increasing. Name one reason why.

Rising global temperatures heat the earth’s crust, causing it to expand upward.


Increased levels of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere promotes healthy mountain growth.


Unusually heavy precipitation has increased the size of glaciers, making the mountains appear taller than they are.


The weight of glaciers dissipate as they melt, allowing the mountains to rise more quickly.


In the summer of 2012, a plane departing Reagan National Airport in Washington was delayed for what peculiar reason?

The plane became stuck in a patch of tarmac softened by the hot weather


A long dry spell left the planes wings brittle and cracked


A large flock of birds flying in an unusual migratory pattern blocked the plane’s flight path


Acid rain penetrated and damaged the plane’s electrical system


A prolonged drought in the Midwest has threatened the supply of what movie-viewing staple?





3D glasses


Milk Duds


A 2011 survey by the British government found that extreme weather can negatively impact the range of what?

Hybrid cars


Solar panels


Wi-Fi internet access


Television remote controls


Because of this past winter’s unseasonably warm weather, Orkin, a pest-control company, reported a 30 percent increase in calls to treat what kind of pest infestation?









The three-month period between June 2012 through August 2012 was one of the hottest on records for the planet. Where did it rank?









A warmer climate, along with the infestation of a killer beetle, has threatened the future existence of the ash tree, which is vital to the production of:

Baseball bats






Log cabins


By about how much did Earth's average temperature increase over the past century?

1.4 degrees Farenheit


2 degrees Farenheit


5 degrees Farenheit


10 degrees Farenheit


Due to greater levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, surface ocean waters are becoming:

less acidic


more acidic






Which decade was the warmest on record?

1850 to 1860


1950 to 1960


1990 to 2000


2000 to 2010


2011 saw an increase in extreme weather-related events, which means higher rates for homeowner insurance. Insurance companies are predicting rates will rise by how much in 2012?

5 percent


10 percent


20 percent


50 percent


Due to unusually warm temperatures, the US National Park Service twice changed the projected date for the peak period of what 100-year tradition?

The National Cherry Blossom Festival


The Colorado Crabapple Convention


The Flowering Dogwood Hoedown


The American Magnolia Festival


In the next 100 years, scientists predict global warming may do what to the deep waters in the Atlantic Ocean?

Turn them a darker shade of green


Bring them to a boil


Reverse the flow of their currents


Increase their salt content


What was the hottest month in recorded history in the US?

August 2011


July 2010


July 2012


June 2009


As their habitats melt, polar bears are learning a new skill out of necessity: long-distance swimming. How far have scientists observed them swimming without resting?

1 mile


10 miles


20 miles


30 miles


A rise in what kind of attacks in India may be the indirect result of global warming?









It looks like that growing cloud of C02 gas may have a silver lining after all. Which of the following is considered a potentially beneficial result of climate change?

The new, shorter sea routes allow for easier trade between Europe and Asia, according to the Guardian.

Volatile weather kills off mosquitoes and other pests


Higher sea levels lead to an increase in scenic coastline


The opening of new trade routes as the Arctic thaws


Drier weather means fewer muggy, humid days a year


Because of rising carbon dioxide levels, trees are:

Growing faster


Dying faster


Turning greener


Migrating early


The changing climate affects human behavior as much as it does that of animals and plants. Heat waves, for example, have been linked to an increase in:

Violent crime




Mass layoffs


Bieber fever