Everyone has been conditioned to flick off lights when they leave a room – or, if they forget, to tromp dutifully back to turn them off. Many such energy-saving actions have become routines that make us feel very green, very much the global good citizens helping to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. We don't really know how Al Gore would do on this quiz. But if you take it and ace it, you might feel a little competitive with the man who won the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to counter climate change by reconsidering the energy choices behind the problem. Take our quiz and find out how much you really know about your energy use:

1.Which laundry method saves more energy?

This quiz is part of a cover story project of the Nov. 8, 2010 issue of The Christian Science Monitor magazine. The full package of stories will be posted here during the week of Nov. 8. (Thanet Offshore Wind Farm at Ramsgate, England. Gareth Fuller/AP)

a) using a clothesline instead of a dryer

b) washing with cold water instead of hot water

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For every two minutes a car idles, it uses the same amount of fuel it takes to drive

a) a quarter-mile

b) a half-mile

c) a mile

Stand-by power – energy consumed by appliances turned off but plugged in – accounts for how much of all US residential energy use?

a) 1 percent

b) 3 percent

c) 5 percent

What is the biggest expense on your utility bill?

a) computers and electronics

b) heating

c) cooling

d) lighting

How much land would be needed to replace all of the world’s current use of fossil fuels with biofuels such as wood, charcoal, ethanol, and biodiesel?

a) 400,000 square miles (equal to the area of France and Spain combined)

b) 4.8 million square miles (equal to the area of the US and India combined)

c) 6 .6 million square miles (equal to the area of Russia)

Turning off your car engine and restarting it uses as much gas as about the equivalent of

a) 10 seconds of idling

b) 30 seconds of idling

c) 1 minute of idling

Which nation is the top foreign supplier of oil to the US?

a) Canada

b) Saudi Arabia

c) Venezuela

Which of these countries has the lowest energy consumption per capita?

a) Iceland

b) United States

c) Trinidad and Tobago

d) Qatar

A CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) that produces the same amount of light as a 100-watt incandescent bulb will use only about

a) 10 watts

b) 25 watts

c) 60 watts