Troy Polamalu: Add big hair to celebrity insurance

Troy Polamalu now has hair worth $1 million. The insurance policy is sure to draw attention to the Pittsburgh Steeler star and his sponsor Head & Shoulders. It also pushes Mr. Polamalu into the ranks of our Top 5 insurance plans for celebrity heads. (Click on the right arrow to see the next item):

5.Troy Polamalu – Big hair

Troy Polamalu smiles during the NFL football Pro Bowl at Aloha Stadium in Honolulu in 2006. Sponsor Head & Shoulders took out a $1 million celebrity insurance policy to protect those signature locks during the 2010 season. (Lucy Pemoni/Reuters/File)

The star NFL safety promotes Head & Shoulders Hair Endurance to protect your hair. But this NFL season, Troy Polamalu will get a little extra protection: an insurance policy from Lloyds of London to protect that big hair through the 2010 NFL season.
Insured value: $1 million

Jimmy Durante – 'Schnozzola'

Jimmy Durante shows off his trademark nose, which he insured for $50,000 in the 1940s. (Album/Newscom/File)

The comedian was a crooner, but he made so many jokes about his "Schnozzola" that it became his trademark. He decided to insure his nose in the 1940s.
Insured value: $50,000

Merv Hughes - Mustache

Former Australian cricketer Merv Hughes (pictured here in London in 2009) insured his trademark whiskers for some $775,000 back in the '90s. (Newscom/File)

OK, so maybe you've never heard of this cricket star. But in the '90s, he was big Down Under – so big that the Aussie athlete and pitchman wasn't taking any chances when he insured his trademark handle bars against dewhiskering.
Insured value: $775,000

Egon Ronay - Tongue

Food critic Egon Ronay, shown here at a London press launch for his new book on restaurants in 2005, insured his taste buds for $375,000. (Newscom/File)

In 1993, British food critic Egon Ronay took out an insurance policy on his taste buds. "Sculptors earn their money with their hands, chorus girls with their legs, and perfume blenders with their sense of smell," Mr. Ronay said at the time. "These are their tools; mine is my palate."
Insured amount: $375,000

Brady White - Beard

Brady White as Santa Claus sits in the new ICON A5 sports aircraft at the unveiling of luxury retailer Neiman Marcus' Christmas Book in 2009. It's not exactly a sleigh, but the beard is real – and insured. (David Woo/Dallas Morning News/MCT/Newscom/File)

He's so futuristic that his sleigh has propellers and his beard comes with insurance, which seems just so right for a new-millennium gift-giver. Our No. 1 insured celebrity head is Mr. White, the so-called "Santa to the Stars." He's played the role for Macy's, Neiman-Marcus, and the White House and insured his trademark white beard with Lloyd's of London.
Insured amount: Undisclosed. (You wouldn't want Santa to start revealing the price of gifts, would you?)