Take our quiz on literary Brooklyn

Brooklyn has played host to authors from Walt Whitman to Truman Capote throughout its colorful history. How much do you know about these authors, their lives and their works?

In the poem "Song of Myself" which opens Walt Whitman's book "Leaves of Grass," what is Whitman famously celebrating in his first line, "I celebrate ____"?

What does Walt Whitman celebrate in "Song of Myself"?







"The Earth"


When were Henry Miller's books "Tropic of Cancer" and "Tropic of Capricorn" published in the United States?

When were Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn published?

The same decade as in Europe, the 1930s


The 1950s


The 1960s


The 1970s


What author popularized the term "Jazz Age"?

Who popularized the term "Jazz Age"?

Hart Crane


F. Scott Fitzgerald


Henry Miller


Walt Whitman


What series name has misleadingly been applied to Daniel Fuchs' books "Summer in Williamsburg," "Homage to Blenholt," and "Low Company"?

What is the series name of Daniel Fuchs' trilogy?

Fuchs' Trilogy


The New York Trilogy


The Company Trilogy


The Williamsburg Trilogy


Bernard Malamud's book "The Natural" was turned into a movie starring what actor?

Who starred in "The Natural"?

Robert De Niro


Paul Newman


Robert Redford


Dennis Quaid


What radio announcement made Alfred Kazin shout at the radio, "No! It's not true!"?

What World War II announcement shocked Alfred Kazin?

Russia signing a nonaggression pact with Germany


Hitler invading Poland


The Japanese attacking Pearl Harbor


VE Day


What was Richard Wright's breakthrough novel?

What was Richard Wright's breakthrough novel?

"Native Son"


"Black Boy"


"Uncle Tom's Children"


"Uncle Tom's Cabin"


In "Native Son," what is the crime Bigger Thomas commits for which he tries to hide the evidence?

What crime does hero Bigger Thomas commit?

Killing a white man


Killing a friend


Killing a white woman


Killing his wife


What is the true identity of one of Truman Capote's most famous heroines, Holly Golightly?

Who is Holly Golightly?

She's a married woman from the South


She's an heiress living far from home


She's a poor woman who doesn't really own her apartment


She's a European immigrant living in America illegally


In what work did Arthur Miller create his iconic character Willy Loman?

What work does Willy Loman appear in?

"The Crucible"


"Death of a Salesman"


"The Crucible"


"A View from the Bridge"