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Monitor Articles for June 7, 2013

Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio backs down on immigration. Will others follow?
NSA data-mining 101: two 'top secret' programs and what they do
Obama touts California as health-care reform model. Will costs really fall?
California nuclear plant to shut: a case of unforgiving nuclear economics
Top 10 states for clean tech
Energy Voices What caused Indiana's sudden spike in gas prices?
Paper Economy 175,000 jobs added in May
How big data helps big cities
Stocks rise on hiring jump
Obama on NSA data-mining: ‘Nobody is listening to your telephone calls’ (+video)
Chapter & Verse How I got to meet Neil Gaiman
The Monitor's View Obama helps nip pot legalization in Latin America. How about in US?
Backchannels Is the price of 'security' worth it? (+video)
Little urgency, a lot of politicking in Illinois over deepening pension crisis (+video)
Energy Voices Asia pushes for free-market liquefied natural gas
New ‘time cloak’ conceals data so well, even its recipients can’t read it
Global News Blog Is it jail time for genocide deniers in Cambodia?
Paper Economy Unemployment figures for May show 'mixed' results
The New Economy US jobs numbers: modest gains, a pickup in temp work
Chapter & Verse 'The Yearling,' by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, finds a place in prison
US immigration reform: Why 'E-Verify' screenings, while flawed, will pass
As Syrian refugee flood escalates, UN asks record $5.1 billion in aid
Change Agent Solar pumps could boost farm yields in poor countries
Obama pressured to confront China's Xi Jinping on cyber spying (+video)
Estonian believers shop a spiritual 'marketplace'
Night Stalker, a serial killer, dies but not in the electric chair
Backchannels NSA's data flood, through the PRISM of US interests and freedom (+video)
Saving Money Friday morning jolt: deals at Starbucks, HP, and more
Modern Parenthood Not all Seaboard communities are battling cicada infestations, but what if yours is?
Pirate attack off Somalia thwarted by EU Naval Force
Global News Blog French lessons, and lessons about the French
US economy creates 175,000 jobs in May – too few to lower unemployment rate (+video)
Mexico City's 'mass kidnapping' highlights countrywide rise in abductions
Tony Parker's last-second heroics lift Spurs over Heat
Decoder Buzz Michele Bachmann hints at another run. Is she back already? (+video)
National Doughnut Day: Is the Glazed Donut Breakfast Sandwich worth a try?
Global News Blog China's Xi Jinping meets with Obama: Will it be a 'Nixon goes to China' moment?
Global Viewpoint President Obama must understand the nationalism of China's President Xi
Samantha Power at UN evokes 'Camelot' and may be 'friend of Israel'
Opinion At US-China summit, trust is the issue
Global News Blog Other than that, Mrs. Putin, how did you enjoy the ballet?
A drenching tropical storm Andrea barrels up eastern seaboard (+video)
Suspect buried alive for rape in Bolivia
The Simple Dollar Seven ways to cut your grocery store bills
Monsanto lawsuit filed by farmers over GMO wheat
'The Internship' doesn't make good on its promising storyline
'Dirty Wars' is a study of national security practices that need exposing
'Much Ado' is a legitimately entertaining Shakespeare adaptation
Esther Williams was MGM's swimming star
Silent Voices
Culture Cafe 'Nurse Jackie' will return for a sixth season
Will Putin's divorce have political fallout in Russia?
Comet Lovejoy survives boiling brush with Sun, does victory dance
San Onofre nuclear plant to shut down permanently
Reader recommendation: Although Of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself
Opposition in Turkey flounders in efforts to dislodge Erdogan
Modern Parenthood How to make a bed in Norway
Metal Gear Solid V starring role will go to Kiefer Sutherland
Modern Parenthood My teenage daughter refused to learn to drive, and she's not alone
The mystery of bitter Irish winters solved
Culture Cafe 'The Purge' is a tightly paced and well-crafted social commentary
iPhone trade-in: Apple eyeing new in-store program?
The 20 best TV sitcoms of all time – readers' choice
Chapter & Verse Which state has the most bookstores?
Mel Brooks honored by De Niro, Freeman, Scorsese (+video)
Norway's hot new title? The Bible, now outselling 'Fifty Shades of Grey'
Dog meat trade: Activists step up campaign to stem 'rampant' illegal smuggling
165 rescued from house near US-Mexico border
Stir It Up! National Doughnut Day: Who has the free doughnuts? (+video)
'If you're happy and you know it ...'
E-book trial: Why is Apple in court yet again?
The Last of Us review roundup: How does Naughty Dog's latest stack up?
In Gear Toyota unveils new 2014 Corolla
US-China summit gamble: Can relaxed format boost rapport over rivalry?
Terrorism & Security France looking at ways to 'safely' arm Syria's rebels
Flight diverted: Bird strike forces Jet Blue turnaround
Bikini ban at Miss World pageant. Why?
Chipotle sued for allegedly stealing ramen concept
Difference Maker Pianist spreads goodwill for America through the power of music
Top Picks: Dad bloggers in the spotlight, bluegrass female force Della Mae's new album, and more