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Monitor Articles for June 28, 2013

In Gear Jeep recall: Was it broad enough? Owners confused.
Judge bars Obamacare contraceptive requirement for a Christian-owned business
It's Whitey Bulger on trial, but FBI's bad behavior is recounted, too (+video)
Why states that ban gay marriage are resting easy after Supreme Court rulings
Why don't spiral galaxies run out of gas? Look to the (extended) halo.
In Sanford, Fla., Zimmerman trial keeps a shaken community on edge
The Simple Dollar Debt isn't required: how to spend wisely in your twenties
Energy Voices British shale gas reserves double. Will the UK frack?
Stocks fall in end to a rocky month
Senior Vatican cleric arrested in money smuggling case
Myanmar unlocks one of Asia's last untapped cellular markets
Facebook removes ads from pages with offensive content
Mandela family and friends rankled by media fascination with death watch
USA Update Heat wave could bring 120-degree temperatures to US West
Horizons Verizon: 4G is (mostly) everywhere, but we need to make it faster
Probe of Stuxnet leak said to focus on US general. But why would he blab?
Danica Patrick 'not a race car driver,' says Kyle Petty (+video)
10 organizations that protect the environment
Saving Money What you need to do if your credit card is stolen
Islamists, anti-Morsi protesters end week on alarming note
Google at work on Android watch, video game console: report
Big immigration reform bill, big boost to US economy? Meh.
USA Update Who was on top in Zimmerman-Martin tussle? Witness testimony in conflict.
Is Madrid trying to rein in its corruption-fighting judges?
Modern Parenthood Sibling bullying: How to be sure normal tangles are not actually damaging
In Gear 2014 Honda Odyssey hits lots on July 2
'Parrot dinosaur' walked on all fours, then graduated to two (+video)
Modern Parenthood Supreme Court DOMA and Proposition 8 rulings good for kids, by accident?
Where should Snowden go? His dad, Russia, and Ecuador all weigh in.
Is the Z10 BlackBerry's savior? Not so fast.
A space shuttle's final mission: Atlantis opens to the public (+video)
Opinion Be inclusive, Morsi, or you may face a second Egyptian revolution
'The Heat': A little of stars Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock goes a long way
'White House Down' has lots of action to little effect
'Swan mom:' A Washington woman is surrogate for baby trumpeters
Iran, Shiites' protector - sometimes
Russia debates letting Snowden in from the cold (+video)
Opinion Go North, America – to the Arctic
On eve of EU accession, Croatia cautiously optimistic
Alyssa Milano will host 'Project Runway All Stars'
Stefan Karlsson The Irish economy is not contracting. Here's why.
'Terminator' reboot will arrive in summer 2015
Olive Press Behind the wheel with a witness to Israel's history
'I'm So Excited,' a comedy about a transatlantic flight, never launches
'The Attack' reaches for a rare Mideast neutral
Africa Monitor Circle of history: Will Barack Obama visit Nelson Mandela?
Serena Williams: No real ladies test left at Wimbledon, so how about Andy Murray? (+video)
Latin America Monitor Mexico City to host NBA this season
Italian Ways
Reader recommendation: Far From the Tree
Monster energy drink: Another lawsuit over teen death
Change Agent 'Push-Pull' strategy helps end hunger and poverty for farmers in sub-Saharan Africa
Chapter & Verse Spy vs. Spy: 16th-Century Style
The ultimate video game: Teams compete in DARPA Robotics Challenge
Divine Love's care for children
Heat wave scorches California
Chapter & Verse Spinning Shakespeare into modern prose: Will it work?
Tax VOX Will the Baucus-Hatch plan trigger tax reform? Probably not.
Could Japan's massive debt disrupt 'Abenomics' gains?
China knife attack death toll increases
Terrorism & Security As Egypt nears boil, leading religious institution calls for calm (+video)
Global News Blog Good Reads: From algorithms, to Roman walls, to the new liberals and conservatives
License revoked? Australia takes Japan to court to stop whaling hunts.
Do you need inflation protection?
Arizona jaguar? Photos show rare big cat near Tucson.
Difference Maker US college student Surya Karki builds schools back home in Nepal
Top Picks: Washington, D.C.'s Fourth of July celebrations, National Geographic's documentary on a group of US Marines, and more
Pentagon slammed for $1 billion deal with banned arms dealer
EU leaders win breakthrough on budget deal