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Monitor Articles for June 27, 2013

Gay marriage in California: State prepares for more same-sex weddings
Nets-Celtics trade? Rumors swirl of a Pierce-Garnett deal.
In Gear Ford Tremor: potent sport truck. Better fuel economy
Kate Middleton and Prince William release new baby details
NBA draft 2013 full of surprises, starting with a Canadian No. 1 pick
Unemployment benefits: a look state by state
Obamacare contraceptives impose religious burden, US appeals court rules (+video)
Immigration reform bill clears Senate, but faces roadblock in House (+video)
NASA launching IRIS, a new eye on poorly understood region of sun
Student loans: Despite new proposals in Congress, no fix as deadline looms
Supreme Court, in Voting Rights Act follow-up, wipes out key Texas rulings
Energy Voices Clean energy will be world's No. 2 source of power by 2016, IEA says
Israel greets Kerry with settlement declaration. Could that signal progress?
Paper Economy Home sales jump up in May
Voyager 1 comes closer to leaving the solar system...again
Do browsers need to be more touch-friendly? Microsoft thinks so.
Stocks rise on good economic news
The 10 most expensive US natural disasters
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev indicted in Boston Marathon bombing (+video)
USA Update Former Patriots tight end faces second murder probe
Levitating magician: How magicians use science to deceive
Nelson Mandela and the qualities 'within easy reach of every soul'
Backchannels America's deadliest soldier? Dillard Johnson says he never made that claim.
Energy Voices Israel mulls natural gas exports. Is that a good idea?
Goree Island: Obama visits site of transatlantic slave trade
Stir It Up! Cilantro sunflower seed pesto
Paper Economy Unemployment benefits claims drop to 346,000
Tomfoolery introduces Anchor, a Facebook for the workplace
World Cup drill? Brazil targets border security - all 10,000 miles of it.
PayPal Galactic: Your favorite way to pay. In space.
What kind of giver are you? Take the quiz
Tax VOX What will the Supreme Court decision on DOMA mean for the IRS?
New clues emerge after four-year hacking spree in South Korea
Apple looking at bigger iPhone screens, more colors
PayPal plans for interplanetary banking system
The Monitor's View With Africa's eyes on Obama trip, a continent takes stock of its progress
Monitor Breakfast 'Major accountability issues' for IRS, Congress's tax chairmen say
Energy Voices Renewable energy is growing, but ...
Recon Jet: Google Glass-like 'smart' sunglasses for athletes
USA Update Controversial Texas abortion bill will pass in new session, Rick Perry vows
Should child porn 'consumers' pay victim millions? Supreme Court to decide.
Saving Money Getting rid of stuff? 8 websites you need to visit.
Kremlin's hammer falls on first 'foreign agent' NGO
Gettysburg: The Last Invasion
Supreme Court agrees to review Oklahoma abortion pill case
Culture Cafe 'Independence Day' sequel: Director says Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman will return
Why Russia evacuated its naval base in Syria
Norway's premier on the outs, despite healthy economy
On first day in Africa, Obama calls Mandela a 'hero for the world'
The Simple Dollar Think ahead. Get tasks done.
Reader recommendations: One Man Great Enough
Gorilla taunting: If you want to go to Hogwarts, be nice to zoo animals
Chapter & Verse Will Indigo Books and Music expand outside Canada?
Battleground DOMA: What next for opponents of gay marriage?
Chapter & Verse E.L. James is highest-ranked author on the Forbes Celebrity 100
Pacifica shark attack: why we don't need to be afraid
Horizons At Build 2013, Microsoft unveils Windows 8.1 (complete with Start button)
Morsi's speech: too little, too late for opposition (+video)
Making music, uniting in harmony
Walmart drops Paula Deen after 'Today Show' appearance (+video)
Opinion The two-state solution for Israel and Palestinians needs a big boost
In Gear 2014 Mazda 3 unveiled
Change Agent Food hub links local produce with local buyers
Bestselling books the week of 6/27/13, according to IndieBound*
Social lemurs make better larcenists, scientists say
Junk foods banned by federal government in public schools
Trayvon Martin case: Prosecution's star witness proves to be a challenge (+video)
Terrorism & Security Long layover: Ecuador says it could take two months to decide on Snowden's asylum
Energy Voices Are electric cars really cheaper than gas cars?
Work during vacation? Half of Americans do.
Rioting in western China: Why are 27 dead? (+video)
Washington earthquake: Shaken but no serious damage
War games near California: Are the US and Japan sending a message to China?
In Gear Fiat 500e electric car 'sold out' in California
An AARP for Portugal? Seniors rally as pensions under pressure.
Sound and nonsense
Snowden stuck in Moscow: Public support falls