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Monitor Articles for June 26, 2013

Gay marriage ruling: Supporters celebrate
Paula Deen 'heartbroken' as sponsors flee
Texas execution No. 500: 'This is not a loss,' says woman (+video)
California looks to life without Prop. 8's ban on gay marriage (+video)
Nelson Mandela: Why Zuma cancelled a trip (+video)
Pacifica shark attacks kayak. Man inside escapes unharmed.
Decoder Buzz Why many 2016 GOP hopefuls are mum on Supreme Court gay marriage moves
With more at stake, US and Russia cool war of words over l'Affaire Snowden (+video)
DOMA: Military spouses to see benefits 'as soon as possible,' Hagel vows
Straight from the horse's toe: the world's oldest genome
USA Update NFL player Aaron Hernandez charged with murder. Video evidence is cited.
In Gear 2014 Infiniti Q50 boasts elegant styling, new technology
Energy Voices Global warming and the politics of fossil fuel
After DOMA ruling, few fighting words from congressional GOP on gay marriage
Lauderhill Mall fight: Teens summoned by social media, new trend? (+video)
The Greek House
Galactic miracle babies? Smallish planets survived birth in stellar maelstrom.
Obama lands in an Africa more skeptical of his presidency (+video)
Backchannels America's deadliest soldier or stolen valor?
Reader recommendation: Wolf Hall
Why gorillas can't throw fastballs
'Boy's voice' called for help, testifies eyewitness in Trayvon Martin case (+video)
Stocks rise for second day straight
Brazil protesters: Is common ground really necessary?
High court's DOMA ruling: big tax savings for same-sex couples
Once rivals, Oracle and Salesforce team up
Qatar: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss (+video)
US economic growth revised down: Will Fed keep foot on accelerator?
As US delays Keystone XL, Albertans ask 'What's the holdup, eh?'
Obama on gay marriage: from reluctant supporter to cheerleader-in-chief
Tired of the Apple/Android duopoly, Telefónica partners with Microsoft
The Reformed Broker Who bought the dip?
Opinion In same-sex marriage, Supreme Court walks a middle road
The Los Angeles Clippers: 10 things you might not know
Gay marriage: Supreme Court strikes down DOMA, dismisses Prop. 8 appeal
Decoder Buzz Battleground Ohio: The [early] polls are in, showing a Clinton-Christie tie
The Monitor's View A knot untied in Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage
Stir It Up! Strawberry jello pie
BP oil spill: Oil giant challenges Gulf payments
USA Update Filibuster of Texas abortion bill makes a star of Wendy Davis. Will that last? (+video)
The ouster is ousted: Australia's PM Gillard finds herself without a job
FTC warns Google, Yahoo, and Bing against 'deceiving' users
As Syria's death toll climbs to 100,000, options for refugees decline
Trayvon Martin case: Jury can hear five 911 calls from George Zimmerman
Chapter & Verse 'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children' will be directed by Tim Burton
The Simple Dollar Setting allowances for children
USA Update Casey Anthony: ruling made in defamation suits
Two new Sprint Windows 8 phones, and no data caps in sight
Alaska volcano spews five-mile-high ash plume
Texas to execute woman: Capital punishment No. 500
Immigration reform's 'surge': The politics works, but will the policy?
How a remote-controlled cockroach might come to your rescue
Olive Press Home-cooking lures Palestinian expat home
10 books about James "Whitey" Bulger
Latin America Monitor Mexico breaks silence on US immigration bill: 'Walls aren't the solution'
iOS 7 Beta 2: Siri has a brother
Snowden, stuck in Moscow airport, becoming headache for Russia
Saving Money The best smartphones for avid photographers
Kenyans in small uproar as Obama Africa trip bypasses his father's homeland
Energy Voices How Obama's climate change plan promotes natural gas
Selfies: A democratized version of the 'snooty' self-portraiture of yore?
'Under the Dome,' a high-profile drama, makes its debut during a packed summer TV season
Modern Parenthood Baby Veronica Supreme Court ruling raises the question: What is a parent?
Change Agent In Cambodia, kids breakdance toward better futures
In Mexico, low-income homeowners watch their dreams crumble
Supreme Court strikes down DOMA and Prop. 8 ban on same-sex marriage
Planet of the mechanical apes: Scientists give us new ape-like robot
Global News Blog Good Reads: From a bold vision for China to cyberwarfare to Norwegian fishing
Chapter & Verse Will Jane Austen grace the UK's 10 pound note?
Youth coding camps rise in popularity as US demand for programmers increases
Chapter & Verse 'Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day' goes to the big screen via Disney
Meet the American factory owner held for ransom in China
In Gear Top 10 'most American' cars
Aaron Hernandez taken away in handcuffs
Energy Voices Google Tesla: Could a tech giant buy the electric car company?
New Cambodian tailorbird is an unlikely bird, in an unlikely place
Yarmouth Maine explosion linked to propane gas
Markey wins a low-turnout, big-spending Mass. Senate race
Carnival replaces CEO as cruise bookings fall
Zimmerman trial: Joke by defense is a bust
Terrorism & Security Clashes in tightly-controlled Muslim region of China leave 27 dead
Purposeful living or stagnation?
Filibuster broken, but Texas abortion law fails to pass
Obama, off to Africa, aims to reenergize US role there. Is time ripe?
Verbal Energy Packing up our skill sets and going to work