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Monitor Articles for June 23, 2013

Boston Bruins black-and-blue hockey not enough in Stanley Cup final (+video)
The Simple Dollar Why you should write down every expense
Why wing walkers and stunt pilots inspire us
USA Update Aaron Hernandez investigation: What's next step for police?
Edward Snowden heads for asylum: Why Ecuador?
Upfront Blog Feeling for freedom's limits
The Monitor's View Don't bemoan Washington's bogland
Abbas accepts new Palestinian prime minister's resignation
Cover Story AIDS: How South Africa is beating the epidemic
AIDS: Orphanage closes its hospice, babies no longer dying
Paper Economy Existing home sales jump 4.3 percent in May
Pakistani Taliban kill nine foreigners at foot of ninth highest mountain (+video)
Edward Snowden heads for asylum: Does the US have any options? (+video)
Global News Blog Snowden's stealthy exit: How WikiLeaks and maybe Russia helped
Daredevil Wallenda to take on Grand Canyon – without a safety net
Saving Money Ballet flats, topsiders, and more: the best deals on women's shoes
Global News Blog On a technicality, Hong Kong and China extradite themselves from Snowden
Energy Voices Methane leaks of shale gas may undermine its climate benefits
The New Economy Tapering? Maybe later, says Fed.
Supermoon: Why it's the best lunar show in the solar system (+video)
Why Hezbollah has openly joined the Syrian fight
Stir It Up! Parmesan garlic grilled asparagus