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Monitor Articles for June 21, 2013

First day of summer 2013: What is a solstice anyway?
Google ordered to delete 'Street View' data in Britain
Federal prosecutors charge Edward Snowden over NSA leaks
‘Friends of Syria’ meeting adds pressure: What is US ready to do?
Supermoon: Will it be 5 times larger? Not exactly. Still, cue 'Moonstruck.'
Mass. Senate race: This time, outside money is funding negative ad blitz
Stocks regain ground after biggest drop of the year
Decoder Buzz Immigration reform: Can a supporter win GOP nomination in 2016?
Modern Parenthood First day of summer 2013 has nothing on northern Norway's 60 days of sun
In Gear Tesla 90-second battery swap to cost $60 to $80
Energy Voices Can Baghdad stop exports of Kurdish oil?
My top 10 favorite book series
Want an original 1976 Apple-1 computer? It'll cost you, a lot.
Kardashian baby name: the science of how names shape us
First day of summer 2013: Party like it's 13 A.D. (+video)
Focus Iran's 'diplomat sheikh' brings new tone to nuclear talks
Energy Voices Tesla: It's faster to 'recharge' electric car than pump gas (+video)
The Boys in the Boat
Modern Parenthood Louis was right: when your kids start to 'know much more than I'll ever know'
Reader recommendation: Bunker Hill
'A Hijacking' navigates high tension on high seas
'Unfinished Song' leaves no tear duct untapped
Miami Heat stop Spurs in Game 7, repeat as NBA champions
The Simple Dollar Buy in bulk, minus the clutter
Chapter & Verse In China: an entire bookstore gets censored?
'Monsters University' is a funny prequel with a good life lesson
UFO: Britain releases documents explaining closure of military UFO desk
'World War Z' quickly reaches zombie overload
Zimmerman trial: Prosecutors can call him a 'vigilante,' judge says
Kerry and 'Friends of Syria' to meet in Doha
Decoder Buzz Why Bill O'Reilly now supports immigration reform
Briefing Five things to understand about Turkey's protests
Lost Maya city found in Mexican jungle
With access to airwaves shrinking, Venezuela's opposition turns to the Web
In new dynamic, Portugal's former colonies bail out old master
Latin America Monitor Small but significant step: Cuba and US say ready to resume talks on migration
Change Agent How two plant geeks grew a 'paradise' in a blighted backyard
Stefan Karlsson Fed unlikely to end support
Chapter & Verse 'Fifty Shades of Grey' film director chosen
Kidnapping in Colombia: The role of abductions in decades-long conflict
Opinion Does Obama care that US students aren't prepared to be US citizens?
Italy earthquake measures 5.2, causes some damage
Turkey protesters put signs down, start talking strategy
First day of summer 2013: where our solstice traditions come from (+video)
Energy Voices Developing nations: First, find your 'green' energy, then develop it
Part Android, part Windows, Samsung ATIV Q is both laptop and tablet
Paula Deen, embattled TV chef, a no-show at NBC's 'Today'
Stir It Up! Strawberry jam for beginners
Focus Iranian expectations soar after Rohani's election
Mortgage rates edge down after seven-week rise
Wildfires and the power of prayer
Paper Economy More Americans claim extended unemployment benefits
Giant hogweed plant: Noxious herb found in Indiana
James Gandolfini remembered for setting new standard on 'The Sopranos'
Canmore flood threatens towns in west Canada
Japan's Fukushima debate: How will the meltdown affect the health of residents?
Instagram steals a page from Vine, rolls out video
Modern Parenthood Instagram video: Parents need not change their approach with the new feature
Terrorism & Security Taliban offers to exchange US prisoner as it seeks international support
Latin America Monitor Hundreds of thousands protest in Brazil: What's next?
In Gear Summer car sales may be back in vogue
Difference Maker David Hunt saves lives by teaching swimming in Cambodia
Verbal Energy Shooting our mouths off, as well as our guns
Top Picks: Clairy Browne & The Bangin' Rackettes' debut album, Frying Pan News' poetry initiative, and more
Game 7 NBA Finals: LeBron leads Heat to second straight title
Misconduct in BP case? New report alleges corruption.
Who does Pope Francis blame for world hunger?