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Monitor Articles for June 20, 2013

Summer solstice 2013: Longest day, best Mercury-spotting
FBI pick: Obama poised to name Bush appointee James Comey
Dunkin' Donuts' revamps: More drinks, fewer doughnuts
Whale of a win: Environmental victory protects whales from noise pollution
Stunning farm bill defeat lays bare House dysfunction
In Gear Mazda to reveal new car via Microsoft Xbox Live
Energy Voices The future of natural gas is the car?
Gay rights bombshell: Why key 'gay conversion' group is closing
Why prosecutors aren't done charging alleged Cleveland captor Ariel Castro
Zimmerman jury of peers is jury of (mostly white) women (+video)
Immigration reform: new security plan could sway dozen Republicans
House defeats farm bill because of food stamp cuts
Paula Deen admits using ‘N-word.’ Could it ruin her career?
Kate Middleton: 10 royal baby facts
Candy Crush Saga maker considers going public. Good idea?
In Gear 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid hits stores this fall
Facebook rolls out video for Instagram
World Refugee Day: UN calls Syria 'worst humanitarian disaster' since cold war
Energy Voices Record US coal exports fuel climate change debate
Prisoner swap? What Taliban want in return for US soldier Bowe Bergdahl.
Microsoft pulls a 180, says new Xbox One will work offline
Google pressured to increase privacy in Europe
The Monitor's View Obama's cold calculation on global warming
Stocks in tailspin as China adds to Federal Reserve worries
Space telescope funded by public donations meets $1 million goal
Energy Voices Will Obama's new climate policy lead to a greener future?
Supreme Court: Anti-prostitution pledge in AIDS law violates free speech
Saving Money The best discounts for college students
In Mexico, rich 'ladies and gentlemen' told to behave
Hipster Mars had oxygen before it was cool
Remember Mitt Romney's (proposed) garage with the elevator? It's back.
Clippers-Celtics trade talks: Off again, on again (+video)
The Ocean at the End of the Lane
Stock markets shudder at prospect of 'easy money era' ending
Brazil's president meets protests with an anti-Erdogan response
Chapter & Verse E-book price-fixing trial: Will the judge come down on the side of Apple?
Backchannels So long Fayyadism, So long Palestinian Authority?
Stir It Up! Winners announced for 'Kids' State Dinner' (+video)
How the most unemployed part of Spain is pushing back against Madrid
Israel has struck energy gold offshore. Now what?
Obama nuke proposals: Status quo, or too risky?
Paper Economy Home mortgage rates rise slightly
In India, floods strand thousands in rapidly-developed hills
USA Update Aaron Hernandez faces new troubles with Miami shooting lawsuit (+video)
Modern Parenthood The Summer Solstice is tomorrow. Celebrate with these themed cupcakes
Dunkin' Donuts jumps on gluten-free trend (+video)
Dolce and Gabbana convicted of tax evasion
Why Beijing is mum on Snowden
Backchannels What's Obama's strategy for Syria?
The Simple Dollar Looking at frugality as an investment
Global News Blog Singapore to Indonesia: Stop sending us your smog.
Focus Hassan Rohani: What it means to be a centrist in Iran
Opinion Tell your kids family stories. It could determine their future.
Paula Deen lawsuit: How often does she use the 'N' word?
'World War Z' star Brad Pitt discusses the zombie drama's long journey to the screen
Tale of the snail tells us about Ireland's ancient origins
Chapter & Verse 'Wolf of Wall Street' trailer shows Leonardo DiCaprio as an amoral stockbroker (+ video)
Chapter & Verse Simon & Schuster teams up with Algonquin Hotel
Bestselling books the week of 6/20/13, according to IndieBound*
10 awesome book trailers for must-read YA books
Modern Parenthood Summer activities for kids: Nix the planner, it's time to play pretend
Change Agent 'Food rescue' group teaches others how to do it
Shailene Woodley is cut from 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2'
Go big or go home: NASA's 1.3 billion-pixel panorama from Mars
Tax VOX What not to do with tax money
Modern Parenthood Twins rubber bands video: Two babies have the best time ever
Energy Voices To frack or not to frack? Well, it's complicated.
Terrorism & Security Symbolism of Taliban flag and banner upends Afghan peace talks
Global News Blog Chinese astronaut teaches 60 million kids from space
Beef recall: National Beef product could contain E.coli
Saying no to suicide
Danielle Bradbery: How her mentor describes her
Joe Torre's daughter catches falling baby (+video)
James Gandolfini helped bring sophisticated storytelling to small screen (+video)