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Monitor Articles for June 2, 2013

IRS spent $50 million on conferences: report
Baseball’s magical 90 feet and other great sports measurements and dimensions
Decoder Buzz Smoking gun in IRS scandal? Rep. Darrell Issa says he's close. (+video)
Fed Chair Bernanke tells Princeton grads: 'Call your parents'
In Gear Will solar power kill utility companies? They think so.
Stir It Up! Meatless Monday: Mediterranean zucchini and white beans
Global News Blog Protest emerges even in a far-flung corner of Turkey
Test your St. Louis Cardinals baseball IQ
Storm chasers killed by latest Oklahoma tornado (+video)
Egypt's top court undermines key tool of Morsi's rule
NFL player stabbed in attempted carjacking
GOP argues with itself over Syria (+video)
Global News Blog Magnitude 6.3 quake jolts a vigilant Taiwan, kills two (+video)
Schumer offers optimistic outlook for immigration bill in Senate
Tear gas gives way to festivity in Turkey's Taksim Square (+video)
Cover Story How online learning is reinventing college
Egypt's supreme court rules Brotherhood-led upper house illegal
Saving Money Charcoal or gas? Settling the great grill debate.
Southern California fire grows overnight, at least 5 structures destroyed
Jean Stapleton: 'A great actor whose range was deep and majestic' (+video)
Syrian rebels battle Hezbollah as border with Lebanon blurs
Why Myanmar's Rohingya are forced to say they are Bengali
Missing girl found under a bed
Lawmakers shift from in-person handshakes to electronic town halls
The Simple Dollar When renting is better than owning
More than 1,000 Iraqis killed since April as sectarian violence rises
Norway rediscovers Edvard Munch as an artist of global importance
Steal the Menu
Tebow rumors hint at the end of an extraordinary career
Stir It Up! Grilled pork tenderloin stuffed with mushrooms and pear
For Bruins, nasty Game 1 win over Penguins has feel of 2011