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Monitor Articles for June 19, 2013

How drones are used for domestic surveillance
Men's Wearhouse fires founder: Is Zimmer's career over?
Navy football players charged with rape
'Sopranos' star James Gandolfini challenged mobster stereotype
Jimmy Hoffa search: No remains found
In Gear Best time to drive a hybrid? When traffic is bad.
Slavery: US gives bad marks to China and Russia in its annual report
FBI uses drones on US soil: Senators want assurances on privacy (+video)
USA Update Julian Assange hints WikiLeaks might publish next Edward Snowden revelations
Bernanke lets Wall Street down easy: Stimulus to end, but not yet (+video)
Bizarre supernova completely normal in every way, find astronomers
Energy Voices The consequences of 'extreme energy'
Saving Money So much at steak: 8 tips for buying a grill
The Monitor's View Talking with the enemy: Obama, Taliban negotiate Afghanistan's future (+video)
Obamacare behind schedule as Oct. 1 rollout nears
Scientists clear quantum computing hurdle
In Gear Tesla's first Model S recall: Seat defect puts new brand to the test
HBO Go and WatchESPN now available on Apple TV
Unpaid internships spawn suits. Are they on their way out?
Google challenges secret court over gag order
River Inside the River
Life is good for Germany's economy. But is it good for Germans? (+video)
In Gear FlightCar: Get free airport parking. Earn money from your car.
Global News Blog A year in asylum, Assange digs in for the long haul
George Zimmerman trial: Second Amendment bubbles beneath jury selection (+video)
In Gear 2014 Buick LaCrosse to cost drivers $34,060
Selma Blair leaves the Charlie Sheen comedy 'Anger Management'
Obama pushes big cut in nuclear weapons. Is that a good idea? (+video)
Reader recommendation: O Pioneers!
Chapter & Verse Vince Flynn, author of 'Mitch Rapp' political thrillers, dies
Briefing How Russia views nuclear disarmament - and why it may resist
Stir It Up! Watermelon Oreos sound weird? Try Oreo Rolo magic cookie bars.
USA Update Aaron Hernandez home searched: Do NFL players have a problem with the law? (+video)
Slim Whitman, a country singer, had a distinctive high-pitched yodel
Backchannels As Karzai blusters over Taliban, more trouble in Afghanistan
Chapter & Verse Do Asian readers know about the anti-Semitism in 'Mein Kampf'?
Al Qaeda-allied suicide team blasts UN compound in Mogadishu
The Simple Dollar Sifting through conflicting advice
Cassini spacecraft to take our global photo next month
Immigration reform will cut deficit, but will that sway skeptics?
Men's Wearhouse ousts founder, ad star George Zimmer
Brazil protests: a love for soccer, but not the pricetag (+video)
TWA 800 crash: Should NTSB look at missile theory again? (+video)
With Assange still in Ecuadorean embassy, the country tightens press freedom
Butterfly S: Who is the new HTC phablet for?
Want an early peek at iOS 7? Here's how.
Starbucks to display drink calories and it might shock you awake
LeBron headband goes, results in big win for Heat (+video)
Sesame Street's new muppet: Facts you may not know about parents in jail
How did the chest-hair-farming Hoff crab evolve? Scientists solve mystery (+ video)
Stir It Up! Unbelievable gluten-free coconut brownies
Why do we still put refugees in tents? IKEA has a new idea.
Tax VOX Some taxes on foundations punish giving. Here's a solution.
Chapter & Verse Penguin Books' First to Read program will give readers sneak peeks
Chapter & Verse Vice Magazine's controversial images of female authors committing suicide are taken down
Latest blow to Egypt's tourism: Luxor's governor
Energy Voices Why squirrels are nuts about solar panels
In return to Berlin, Obama finds a cooler Germany
Change Agent Historic US railroads inspire 21st-century solutions: the Millennial Trains Project
Cambodian lost city not so lost after all
Opinion Ocean's little fish are a big deal (+video)
Russell Brand's FX late-night show will most likely not be returning
Will 'historic' ceasefire help put Mali back together again?
Paper Economy Single family homes crawl back up
NASA wants your help lassoing an asteroid (+video)
Focus China puts up a green wall to US trash
Focus Squeezed by regulations, Chinese recyclers scrounge for scrap in dead of night
Global News Blog It's scrap, not trash, and it's also one of America's top exports
Modern Parenthood Watermelon Oreos: The public weighs in on social media
In last Gomez-Markey debate, distinct styles but fuzzy policy differences (+video)
Aaron Hernandez: Police at Patriots player's home investigating murder
Energy Voices Is the world consuming less oil?
Danielle Bradbery crowned as 'The Voice' winner
The little things that matter
Radio hosts fired: Saints safety Steve Gleason responds (+video)
Terrorism & Security Bagram Air Base attack: Four US soldiers killed as US seeks talks with Taliban
Opinion Obama's Germany trip can't be business as usual
Starlets of the garden
Modern Parenthood Parenting the littlest media users: A study shows what concerns new parents