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Monitor Articles for June 17, 2013

Modern technology finds the lost city of Mahendraparvata
Kate Middleton's royal baby might be worth $400 million (to the British economy)
Revolutionary technique lets scientists 'see' with sound – underwater
Kate Spade and eBay roll out a miracle of modern shopping
Poisoned N.J. flight: Ranting man restrained by passengers
N.J. flight: Man yells he'll be poisoned. Gets tackled, bound.
Utah church shooting: 'Evil will not prevail,' says priest
Stefan Karlsson Should you cheer on Abenomics?
Supreme Court: For right to remain silent, a suspect must speak
NASA's new astronaut class marks changing of guard for US spaceflight (+video)
Supreme Court limits judges' discretion on minimum sentences
Whitey Bulger trial: Star witness tells of bungled murders
Obama, Putin in stare-down over (no, not the Super Bowl ring) Syria war (+video)
Energy Voices The kaleidoscope of fossil fuel abundance
Saving Money Seven ways to cut your air conditioning bills
In Cambodia's jungles, a lost world is found (+ video)
Global News Blog New poll shows growing Arab trust in regional press
Albino gorilla was product of inbreeding, finds study
Decoder Buzz Did Edward Snowden just disclose more secrets in online chat? (+video)
Europe, America to collide, say geologists
Can immigration reform pass? Five senators to watch.
Energy Voices First-class ticket: more legroom, more emissions
Stocks up ahead of Federal Reserve meeting
Sibling bullying: Brothers and sisters may fly under radar
'The Ocean at the End of the Lane': Neil Gaiman garners mostly positive reviews
Venezuela grants conditional release of Chávez-era judge
Instagram to add Vine-like video sharing feature: report
Galaxy S4 with LTE-Advanced: A phone faster than the US can handle
In Gear GM recall: SUVs can catch fire even when parked
USA Update FBI hunting for Jimmy Hoffa again, 38 years after his disappearance
Energy Voices Drilling for (virtual) oil in industry's new online game
Bear mauls man: Animal was 'goaded' into attack
The Reformed Broker A healthy dose of skepticism
Rohani vows to reset Iran's relations with the world
Utah church shooting during Father's Day mass (+video)
7-Eleven raids target 14 stores harboring illegal immigrants
Arizona can't ask voters for proof of citizenship, Supreme Court rules (+video)
Apple responds to PRISM with privacy statement
The Monitor's View Iran election's surprise winner
Chapter & Verse 'Libraries in Exile' fights to save priceless manuscripts in Mali
Change Agent Scott Zabelski found T-shirts were a perfect fit for hurricane Sandy relief
NASA chooses eight new astronauts, four of them women
Progress Watch Why firefighter deaths have hit historic lows
Israel debates branding settler price tag attacks 'terrorism'
NYU denies Beijing scuttled Chen Guangcheng's fellowship
China supercomputer clocks in as world's most powerful
Paper Economy US homebuilder confidence soars to seven-year high
Obama job approval drops 17 points among young Americans
Robotic cat could be future of search-and-rescue missions (+video)
Global News Blog Will new British surveillance revelations fuel another hacking backlash?
Obama arrives for tough G8 summit in Northern Ireland (+video)
Readers Write: Most Americans should be investors, not traders
Sarah Palin returns to Fox: What did she say?
Latin America Monitor Brazil protests: a blip, or the making of a movement?
Land of KGB shrugs over US-British G-20 spying claims
USA Update Chicago sees deadliest weekend of 2013, with 6 dead, at least 40 hurt
Ginobili’s aggressive play drives Spurs to victory over Heat (+video)
Saving Money Eyeing an HDTV? Here's how to get the best deals.
Miss USA 2013: Top 6 Questions & Answers (+video)
Hoffa remains sought in a field near Detroit (+video)
Latin America Monitor Argentines no longer top beef eaters
Chapter & Verse Oxford English Dictionary adds the words 'tweet,' 'e-book'
Stir It Up! National Eat Your Vegetables Day
Duel with the Devil
US Open Championship: No one smells sweeter than Justin Rose (+video)
A class for teenage moms taught by a teenage mom: 'I did it, and you can do it'
Culture Cafe 'Magna Carta Holy Grail': Jay-Z will release new album with Samsung on July 4
Culture Cafe Billy Crystal, John Goodman star in 'Monsters University' – check out the trailer (+video)
How to move giant magnet from New York to Chicago (+video)
Kim Kardashian, Kanye West welcome baby girl: 'This isn't America's baby'
In Gear 2013 Audi Allroad offers smooth handling, crisp turns
Culture Cafe 'True Blood': Did season premiere solve show's problem of juggling too many storylines?
'Magna Carta Holy Grail': Jay-Z to release new album in Samsung cell phone deal
Global Viewpoint No 'Turkish spring': Protests in Turkey are sign of a healthy democracy
Upfront Blog Public schools, private beliefs
Terrorism & Security As G8 kicks off, Snowden documents reveal snooping at past summit
Miss USA winner: Erin Brady displays her smarts
Octopus pants: Not the worst golf fashion statement (+video)
Singapore haze hits seven-year high
Will Ben Bernanke let interest rates rise? World markets wait.
Juneteenth shooting in Ohio injures 11-year old (+video)
Mass hysteria outbreaks hit Bangladesh's garment workers
Potawatomi shooting: Woman shot in Wisconsin casino (+video)
Upfront Blog The greening of the West
The Simple Dollar What frugality can teach children
God's presence in school