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Monitor Articles for June 12, 2013

IBM layoffs coming, but it won't say how many (+video)
World Bank: Monetary tightening could crimp growth
NSA chief: 'We're trying to be transparent'
In Gear 2014 Ford Fiesta focuses on fuel economy
'Very dangerous' storm rattles Midwest
Will Samsung's Galaxy S4 Zoom hybrid find a big audience?
Turkish government offers referendum: Will it quell protests?
In-car dashboard 'smart' technology is distracting, AAA warns
Five ways to protect yourself from government surveillance
Cleveland kidnapping: Castro defense aims to avoid death penalty
The Entrepreneurial Mind Launching a business 101
Free speech outside Supreme Court: Ban on protests in plaza struck down
Derecho threat: Storms batter Midwest with wind, hail
Cheetahs' speed is only half the story, study finds
Energy Voices What a bad economy means for gasoline demand
Tax VOX Is marriage — and joint tax filing — outdated?
Monitor Breakfast Immigration reform: Two Senate bill authors see pathway to ... passage
Obama in Boston as Markey calls on party's big guns to fend off Gomez (+video)
NSA surveillance foiled 'dozens' of terror plots, agency chief says (+video)
Stocks fall as Dow drops below 15,000
Actually, Americans aren’t shrugging over NSA surveillance (+video)
Whitey Bulger trial opens with startling statement from defense (+video)
USA Update Concealed carry bill: Illinois prosecutor 'goes rogue,' allows concealed carry
Blackhawks-Bruins Stanley Cup final not for the faint of heart
Some 300 Cambodian Nike workers fired after protests
Superman comic book fetches $175,000 at auction
Teresita Barajuen: A world-record 86 years in a monastery
Iran votes: Why the Supreme Leader is so desperate to bring out voters
Could State Department woes tarnish Hillary Clinton’s image?
Horizons Apple debuts new Macbook Air, OS X 'Mavericks' at WWDC
Is West now looking past Darfur genocide to engage Sudan?
Colorado wildfires could spread unpredictably in high winds, sheriff warns (+video)
In Gear Face-off: RAM 1500 versus Ford F-150
Modern Parenthood Boys get trucks and girls get flowers? One mom says enough with the separation
Energy Voices Keystone XL: the 'Kim Kardashian of energy'?
The Monitor's View More light on the NSA
Nonprofit offers advice, resources for single mothers worldwide
Progress Watch Chicago violence abates after 2012 homicide spike
Dodgers brawl with Diamondbacks results in ejections, LA win
Energy Voices In Amish country, trading fracking rights for a pittance
Little Green Men? New type of star breaks all the pulsar rules
Giant claw marks on Mars dunes? Blocks of dry ice to blame, study says.
Culture Cafe Smaug, the 'Hobbit' villainous dragon, makes his debut in a new trailer (+video)
Lionel Messi: Did soccer star evade taxes?
The Simple Dollar Is a second income worth it?
Green, Neal spark Spurs past Heat in Game 3 of NBA Finals
Kentucky threats: Ky. town mourning officer's death receives threats against police
Hungary under Orban moves to restrict freedom of information
How well do you know your mob bosses and gangsters? Take our organized crime quiz.
PRISM reports prompt tech giants to push for transparency
USA Update George W. Bush back in favor? His ratings make a surprising jump.
Without warning, Greece shutters its public broadcaster
Venezuela's Maduro victory upheld in audit - but opposition says fight not over
Amelia Earhart: Her plane was found in 2010, says lawsuit
Trayvon Martin case: What does each side want in a jury? (+video)
Chapter & Verse Do kids today shy away from challenging books?
Quiet Mali town, despite fighting nearby, gathers to honor its renowned mosque
Golf fans, what do you know about the US Open?
Paper Economy Nearly one in five receiving food stamps
Kids will lose some reading skills if they don't pick up a book this summer
Opinion For regional stability, help Syria's internally displaced
RoboRoach: How to control a cockroach with your smartphone
Latin America Monitor Sound advice? Assange advises Snowden to seek refuge in Latin America.
Stanley Cup Final: Blackhawks, Bruins set for NHL championship series (+video)
Global News Blog Turkish street vendors turn on a dime to make a lira off Taksim protests
Chapter & Verse 'The Little Prince' will star Jeff Bridges, Marion Cotillard, and others
Snooping states: NSA not alone in spying on citizens
Culture Cafe 'This Is the End' is for 'raunch-com' fans only
Global News Blog US-bashing TV station gives interview to its benefactor, Vladimir Putin
Children with working mothers do just as well in school as those with stay-at-home moms, says study
Robert Reich Wanted: A national economic strategy for better jobs
Focus Not sci-fi: Researchers work toward post-trauma limb regeneration
Stir It Up! Easy indoor slider burgers with spicy special sauce
Erdogan, protesters circle in eye of Taksim storm (+video)
Massachusetts Senate race Debate 2: Gomez plays the 'independent' card (+video)
Royal Gorge fire forces prisoner evacuation (+video)
Dodger rookie Yasiel Puig is baseball's 'Cuban Missile'
Opinion 4 factors to consider in US options for North Korea
Focus 'Exponential' progress in prosthetics helps ease tough path for amputees
Dobbin explosion: Home destroyed in Texas (+video)
Terrorism & Security South Korea calling, but North pretends that nobody is home
Ballpark sinkhole cancels Rangers batting practice (+video)
Energy Voices Gas stations on the front lines of an ethanol war
Where is home in the housing market?
GIFs get a new life as pop art