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Monitor Articles for June 1, 2013

Starbucks smoking ban: now in effect outside, too
Jean Stapleton dies: She was more than 'Edith Bunker' (+video)
Rand Paul: 'When Republican Party looks like the rest of America, we'll win' (+video)
Justine Bateman: Mom and UCLA freshman
Vollis Simpson dies, leaves whirligig legacy (+video)
Starbucks smoking policy bans smoking outside cafes
The Simple Dollar Teaching kids about money: Five common dilemmas
Is Justin Bieber’s driver’s license at risk? Neighbors allege recklessness in Ferrari.
Sexual assault: Women lawmakers push for change in US military (+video)
The New Economy Stocks plunge Friday, but end up positive for May
In Turkey's Taksim protest, angry citizens and a defiant prime minister (+video)
Four Houston firefighters killed, one injured in historic fire
Historic swearing in for Pakistani lawmakers as challenges lie ahead
In Gear Ban driverless cars? NHTSA says yes.
The tax man danceth? Line dance video complicates IRS defense (+video)
Russia enacts anti-smoking laws, but can the country kick the habit?
Why 'After Earth' father-son movie doesn't impress critics
Gunmen fire on Niger prison in possible Al Qaeda attack
Member of Pussy Riot ends prison hunger strike
Asteroid nearly two miles wide sails past Earth (+video)
Alcoholic beverages could soon have nutritional labels
Rolling Stones musicianship shines through stage flash
Energy Voices How will businesses finance the future of energy?
Judge rules Google must comply with FBI demand for customer data
Michigan mother led secret life in Syria (+video)
Mars rat? Another case of Red Planet pareidolia (+video)
Police and protesters clash as Turkish prime minister calls for end to protests
Saving Money Amazon follows Netflix in producing original TV shows
Syria: Battle for Qusair continues as world watches
Justice Department scandal: Will Obama toss Eric Holder? (+video)
Jesse Ventura for president in 2016?
Greta Van Sustern hits back at Fox News men for breadwinner remarks (+video)
The New Economy US manufacturers know how to win. Here's their secret.
Myanmar's youth wait for key fruit of reform: jobs
NBA crash: Former NBA guard Blaylock critical after car crash, 1 killed
Judge upholds moratorium on California executions
Joran van der Sloot to marry: A plan to avoid US extradition? (+video)
Planes collide in Arizona, four fatalities (+video)
Oklahoma tornado chasers thrown off road as twister rips into fleeing motorists (+video)
10 best books of June, according to The Christian Science Monitor
Car sharing: The next big thing in traffic-clogged Mexico City?
The Monitor's View 'Breakthrough' in Israeli-Palestinian conflict?
Stir It Up! Confetti cookies
IRS video: Dancing workers. Wrong-footed agency.