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Monitor Articles for May 9, 2013

Bangladesh factory collapse death toll passes 1,000
Convicted nun wants out: 83-year-old nun faces 20-30 years in prison
Gay marriage clears Minnesota House, heads to Senate
78,000 to live on Mars: Have you signed up?
AT&T no contract? What you need to know about no-contract deals.
McDonald's cuts Angus burgers as beef costs rise (+video)
FBI didn't tell Boston about Tsarnaev warning, says police chief
Ancient Arctic was warm, wet, and green. What that says about the future.
USA Update Death penalty for Ariel Castro? Official cites captives' miscarriages, 'torture'
Briefing China's growing military might: top 4 concerns for the Pentagon
Tunisian national is accused of seeking US visa to plot terror
Jodi Arias case: What's trend line on women getting the death penalty?
Could a more vigilant public have prevented the Boston Marathon bombing?
Energy Voices Why the US military should continue biofuel research
Stefan Karlsson Germany's declining population gets sudden immigration boost
Cleveland captives likened to prisoners of war. How can they recover?
Stocks recede from record levels
In Texas, Obama lauds 'New Tech' high school. Model for the future? (+video)
Energy Voices 'Unconventional' energy: rise of women in oil and gas industry
House prioritizes bills to pay if US hits debt ceiling. Is default averted?
Global News Blog Dennis Rodman to Kim Jong-un: 'Do me a solid' and free Kenneth Bae (+video)
Pakistani fertilizer grows both Taliban bombs and Afghan crops
Mike Jeffries wants no fat customers at A&F. Bad business?
The Monitor's View Glint of a Mideast peace as Turkey-Kurd pact plays out
HTC First, the much ballyhooed 'Facebook phone,' gets massive price drop
What does Facebook want with Waze?
GOP senators boycott vote on McCarthy for EPA
Robert Reich Military woes: sexual assaults – and nuclear weapons
Latin America Monitor Move over Beyoncé: Another American explores Cuba, 'people to people'
Stir It Up! Italian turkey meatball soup
Commencement speaker to remember: David Foster Wallace
Minority report: 3 big trends in the Census Bureau's voting data
Vox News Stephen Colbert stung by sister's loss to Mark Sanford. Will he seek revenge? (+video)
USA Update Cleveland kidnappings: what abductions should teach worried parents
Africa Monitor In fight against insurgents, Nigerian Army cracks down on civilians
A 'novel' idea for spreading literature in Africa: The cellphone
Is easy credit coming to Mexico?
Why hasn't everything been annihilated yet? Pear-shaped atomic nuclei could hold answer.
Modern Parenthood Sexting: Tips for educators, parents for talking to teenagers about sexting
A Delicate Truth
Reader recommendation: Burning the Days
Energy Voices A solar charger that turns your window into an outlet
Opinion Cleveland's Charles Ramsey: hero, or black stereotype?
Could a weak Spanish doping verdict cost Madrid the Olympics?
Tesla review: near-perfect Consumer Reports rating
Neil Patrick Harris will host Tonys for fourth time (+video)
Long troubled by school bullying, Japan now eyes zero tolerance
Decoder Buzz Benghazi whistleblower: Has diplomat Gregory Hicks suffered for speaking out? (+video)
Boycott of Israel is small for now, but gets higher profile with Hawking
Paper Economy MBA: Mortgage rates flat at 3.47 percent
Culture Cafe 'Argo' producer David Klawans talks 'Coronado High,' his new project with George Clooney
Global News Blog It's Europe Day, but Europeans don't seem to know
Tamerlan Tsarnaev buried: Unidentified person steps up (+video)
Rod Stewart releases his first original album in almost 20 years
Ariel Castro arraigned on rape and kidnapping charges in Cleveland
From military protégé to critic, Nawaz Sharif eyes power in Pakistan
Chapter & Verse 'Sex and the City' author Candace Bushnell is hacked, excerpt of her new novel leaked online
'The Great Gatsby' is an over-the-top misfire
Vijay Singh lawsuit against PGA for 'public humiliation and ridicule' (+video)
American Idol: Hometown visits leave judges in tears (+video)
Change Agent Mobile phones unleash farmers in Uganda
Terrorism & Security US and Russia team up to make fresh diplomatic push on Syria
Bangladesh's factory woes force a rethink in Britain fashion retailers (+video)
Missoni founder dies, leaves Italian fashion dynasty (+video)
Cruise ship couple overboard: Hunt for missing passengers (+video)
Jeanne Cooper dies, leaves 'Young and Restless' legacy (+video)
Puppy locked in car for a third of its life OK
In Gear Tesla Motors eyes self-driving electric cars, courtesy of Google? (+video)
Prayers for the kidnapped women in Cleveland who escaped captivity
Of bovines and waterlines
Oreck bankruptcy: Financial mess for vacuum maker (+video)