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Monitor Articles for May 7, 2013

In Aleppo, the free market is the answer to Syrians' bare cupboards
Pope Francis to visit Brazilian slum, prisoners, AIDS patients: Why?
Wearable computers: Marty McFly, meet your jacket
All Europeans related? Genes reveal a continent of cousins.
Ex-Gov. Mark Sanford back in public office: Defeats Colbert Busch
33-year-old GM hired: Will Phoenix regret it?
Elizabeth Smart urges privacy, compassion: 'It's not their fault.'
Gay marriage hat trick: Will Minnesota make three?
Boston One Fund hits $29 million, but can't make victims 'whole' (+video)
Delaware passes gay marriage: Is Minnesota next?
Employers can't be forced to display pro-union posters, court rules
US, South Korea put up a tough front, but it doesn't close door to North (+video)
Immigration reform promises border security. Prove it, Republicans say. (+video)
For Amanda Berry and other Cleveland victims, recovery begins with patience (+video)
Sexual assault in military: Pentagon report, scandal deal a double blow (+video)
Struggle to find burial site for Boston bombing suspect is 'unprecedented' (+video)
NASA satellite snaps spectacular images of volcanic eruption
The New Economy Dow passes 15000. Now what?
Energy Voices California urges record $2.5 billion fine for natural gas blast
Energy Voices US oil boom means oil prices must drop, right? Wrong.
Study: Community colleges lack rigor, but incoming students ill prepared
Decoder Buzz Michelle Obama back on book tour. How successful are first lady authors?
Stocks soar. Dow has first close above 15,000.
Brood II: After 17 years, billions of eastern US cicadas rise again
Latin America Monitor Study abroad in Mexico? Fewer US students make the trek.
Germans see troubling questions in high-profile neo-Nazi murder trial
In Gear The six biggest driving distractions for parents behind the wheel
Bestselling books the week of 5/5/13, according to IndieBound*
My Beloved Brontosaurus
The Monitor's View China must end cyberspying on US industry, look to its own innovation
In Mark Sanford race, a test of how much infidelity matters in South
In Bangladesh, deadly protests raise questions about strength of secular government
USA Update Police ask how three women in Cleveland kidnapping went undetected so long
A 'mockumentary' chapter ends
At Kerry-Putin meeting, US-Russia relations thaw – a little
Argentina's judicial reform: positive step or consolidation of power?
Natalie Maines's first solo album is polished, adult rock
Change Agent Chris Bradshaw ships books to Africa to help make the impossible possible
Former Ed secretary: Only 4 percent of colleges worth the money. Families: Pick value.
Global News Blog Good Reads: Oil's future, wealth in Africa, 'Occupy' failure, progress in Mexico, and the Tsarnaevs
Tax VOX Want to understand tax reform? Read this report.
Upfront Blog PJs or pinstripes? The tradeoffs of tele-work
Stefan Karlsson Do high stock prices mean economic inequality?
Energy Voices As Kurds gain power, Baghdad may be ready for oil deal
Cover Story Telecommuting: Steady growth in work-at-home culture, Yahoo or not
Telecommuting: Why one worker prefers the office
Decoder Buzz Glenn Beck and stagecraft wizardry: Why his NRA talk trumped all
Global News Blog Slew of new investigations leads to Germany's arrest of alleged Auschwitz guard
NBA playoffs: Bulls, Spurs win opening games in conference semifinals
Anti-bullying statement: Teacher wears same outfit every day
Upfront Blog To invest or not to invest? The eternal question
Notorious Egyptian terror group tries to carve a nonviolent path in politics
Rossellini's 'Mammas' shows maternal instinct in animals not all kind
USA Update Amanda Berry, two others found in Cleveland: the tale of how they escaped
Chapter & Verse Federal judge rules that used digital items cannot be sold by consumers
Modern Parenthood LEGO apologizes for catcalling: Hey babe, females aren't playthings!
Chapter & Verse Rick Riordan's Percy-Carter crossover story is here – check out the e-book cover
Opinion Obama and South Korea's President Park must agree on North Korea policy
Chapter & Verse '1Q84' author Haruki Murakami makes his first public appearance in Japan in 18 years
Decoder Buzz Chris Christie weight-loss procedure: Why now? (+video)
Opinion Why America's 'hacker generation' can thrive as teachers
Culture Cafe Al Pacino leaves 'Despicable Me 2' two months before premiere date
Focus Big Three automakers, reinvented, eye consumers worldwide
Focus Lower wages now at Big Three automakers, but new hires aren't whining
Amanda Berry 911 call: What did she say?
Readers Write: Indie booksellers must adapt; Bloomberg money vs. NRA members
Aye or nae? Scottish teens will vote on independence
Terrorism & Security Back-to-back blasts in Pakistan highlight election risks
To save more newborns, focus on the poor, report says
Senate approves online sales tax. Is it fair, or a tax increase?
HSBC profits double after restructuring
Otis Nixon arrested: Ex-baseball player faces drug charges
Philippines volcano erupts, kills five foreign climbers
Why China is welcoming both Israel's Netanyahu and Palestinians' Abbas
Airbag recall hits 45,000 BMWs (+video)
The joy of running in Boston
Amanda Berry found along with two other women abducted in Cleveland
In Gear Electric-car enthusiasts eye world records in cross-country trip
Stir It Up! Easy as, well, mango banana bread