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Monitor Articles for May 4, 2013

Teenagers, social media, and terrorism: a threat level hard to assess
In Gear Musk: Tesla Model S will have industry's best resale value
Elizabeth Smart speaks on human trafficking
California wildfire: 1,900 on the lines as firefighters labor to limit damage (+video)
Republicans pursue probe of Benghazi attacks, name witnesses for hearing
As NRA meets, Great Gun Debate intensifies America's culture war (+video)
Portugal adds an hour to public employees workday as part of budget cuts
Airline lipstick ban: Is red lipstick unIslamic?
Clashes between ethnic groups leave at least 30 dead in Nigeria
Thousands of Sunnis flee Syrian coastal region after mass killings
The Simple Dollar Keeping the emotion out of your finances
Veteran US diplomat appointed new special envoy to Afghanistan, Pakistan
Terrorism & Security Why Israel bombed Syria, again (+video)
Toys R Us appeals $20 million award in fatal slide lawsuit
California wildfire 30 percent contained as temperatures drop
How much water in that snowpack? Scientists seek a better gauge.
A Kentucky double: Can trainer take home Oaks-Derby double?
'Boston Strong' concert, featuring Aerosmith, others, will benefit victims fund (+video)
Energy Voices Oil companies near multi-year highs. Still undervalued.
Obama blames drugs for part of US-Mexico problems (+video)
Boston bombing fallout: US moves to close security gap on student visas (+video)
Philly abortion trial changes tone of national debate
Frozen pizza: Plastic shards in CPK pizza trigger recall (+video)
US, Israeli officials confirm, Israel launched air strike in Syria
Rescuers confront gruesome scene, death toll rises in Bangladesh factory collapse
Caroline Kennedy selling 93 acres on Vineyard. A new Kennedy neighbor?
5 US soldiers killed by bomb in southern Afghanistan
Boston benefit concert to feature rock legends
Kentucky Derby 2013: 'Run for the Roses' a wide-open affair (+video)
Karzai calls on Taliban to fight Afghanistan's enemies
$900,000 per inmate: World's most expensive prison (+video)
Why Charles Larsen will be staying out of the market
One couple's rationale for getting into the market
Do young people believe in stocks?
Cover Story Dow at 15,000: What the stock market is telling us
Tower climber falls, dies in Seattle (+video)
Social media and disasters: When a small post can spur hope
Could India's polio eradication success story be a model for its other health issues?
Culture Cafe Star Wars Day: Memories of watching the original trilogy at a young age
Homeland security orders new student visa checks
Sarah Palin: Chewing tobacco is her latest prop (+video)
Boston bombing: Arrangements difficult for burial of Tamerlan Tsarnaev
Chris Kelly: Overdose suspected in rapper's death (+video)
Saving Money Prepaid cards: an alternative to a traditional bank account
15 hidden meanings of popular food phrases
'Palestine' finds a new home as Google follows 'lead of the UN'
Top 5 bull markets since 1929