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Monitor Articles for May 31, 2013

Fire chief $550K pension was a mistake
How did the turtle get its shell?
Kindergarten brawl: Graduation turns into riot over spilled punch
Social Security and Medicare: time running out to fix them, trustees say
Stocks swoon in final hour of May trading
Reader recommendation: Alice
Asteroid flyby: No danger this time, but astronomers are taking lots of notes
Tony Stewart: Danica Patrick's boss upset with her boyfriend
Leading economist flees Russia amid Putin's growing crackdown
In Ivory Coast, the former ruling party tries to rebuild
Iran's presidential candidates debate justice and a 'resistance economy'
Global News Blog Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi speaks out
Robert Reich Economists are optimistic. They're also wrong.
Cookies are replaced by vegetables in new children's books
7 great new illustrated children's books
Olive Press Arab Idol: No Bieber fever in Gaza
Latvia takes second crack at whistle-blowing 'hacker' Neo
Massachusetts Senate race called 'toss up': Could GOP surprise again?
World No Tobacco Day 2013: India takes a close look at tobacco companies
Wildfire season: 7 ways you can help save lives and property
Student loans 101: What's really at stake as Washington squabbles
Why are Mitt and Ann Romney back in the news?
USA Update Who was Nicole Mansfield and what was she doing in Syria?
Can Argentina be weaned from its addiction to oil?
Stir It Up! The original fusion food: Sicilian
Amelia Earhart mystery: Sonar image a new clue to missing plane? (+video)
Heat scorch Pacers to get within one win of NBA Finals
STORY UPDATE: Youth group Roca will earn 'Pay for Success'
New caution over municipal bonds
Students can text school staff anonymously about bullying with new program
Modern Parenthood Chicago school closings: Shuttering these institutions is shortsighted, says one local mom
Russia plans to sell MiG fighter jets to Syria
Decoder Buzz Hillary Clinton approval plummets. Benghazi? (+video)
Can you manage your money? A personal finance quiz.
'The Kings of Summer' sinks into a cliché coming-of-age story (+video)
'Fill the Void' probes loyalty and desire (+video)
Chapter & Verse Philippa Gregory's 'Cousins' War' series will become a Starz TV show
Chapter & Verse BEA panel asks: Do book critics need an ethics code?
Opinion Protect the watchdog press – from Obama
'Now You See Me' has a great premise but doesn't follow through (+video)
'After Earth' finds its heroes battling against an awkward screenplay (+video)
Sheriff Joe Arpaio dodges a recall in Arizona. Still, is his star waning?
Global News Blog Is Indonesia still a model of religious tolerance?
22 summer salads
Change Agent Elaine Hamel uses power tools to teach girl power
Arizona woman held on Mexican drug smuggling charge back in US
Amelia Earhart: Is it her plane in sonar photo?
Modern Parenthood Sunscreen and umbrellas: What you need to know about sun safety this summer
When I heard a whale breathe
Terrorism & Security Iraq sees deadliest month in 5 years
How Julius Richard Petri revealed just how gross the world really is (+video)
Dog pack murder: Pit bull owner charged with murder of jogger
Tax VOX Who benefits from tax preferences? You do.
Difference Maker War survivor Mariatu Kamara speaks for children at risk in conflict
Top Picks: A Discovery Channel look at James 'Whitey' Bulger, pianist/singer Eliane Elias's new album, and more