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Monitor Articles for May 3, 2013

Energy Voices Solar Impulse departs for first sun-powered flight across US
Energy Voices Is nuclear fusion power now possible?
Stocks soar to new heights on good jobs report
Why no sign of 'sequester' cuts in perky April jobs report?
Modern Parenthood The Matrix Retold by mom: Her son says he wants suggestions for the next video
Pakistani women hit the campaign trail to get out the vote
Decoder Buzz Newest 'Most Wanted Terrorist': Should Assata Shakur make the list?
Hotmail officially dead. Microsoft moves millions to
Angry Birds Friends squawks its way onto iOS, Android devices
With Google Glass app 'Winky,' a good picture is just a blink away
What My Mother Gave Me
The Monitor's View Despite stalled Arab Spring, Muslim nations grasp for democracy
Mother's Day 2013: 10 best books
Fertilizer plant blast: Does post-9/11 secrecy make your life riskier?
Monitor Breakfast Why America's top general is wary of US military intervention in Syria
Marco Rubio, immigration reform, and 2016: the big risk
Teen mom banned? Kaitlin Tiller's photo not allowed in yearbook (+video)
Are Indian-Pakistani relations in jeopardy after prisoner death?
Tax VOX Tax reform: how to fix the international tax mess
Modern Parenthood Dolls look better without makeup; now if only we could buy them that way
In Italy, racist taunts for footballers and ministers alike
Somali pirates have not mounted a successful hijacking for nearly a year
Decoder Buzz NRA 'Stand and Fight' convention: Political big guns will be there (+video)
April jobs report, at 165,000 new jobs, exceeds expectations; Dow surges (+video)
Stir It Up! Posole: Mexican chicken and hominy soup
Global News Blog Malaysia prepares for its closest election in 50 years (+video)
Modern Parenthood Surge in unwed mothers: Deep in the stats, it's not what you think
USA Update Wildfire on California coast: On Day 2, more Santa Ana winds (+video)
Guantánamo hunger strike: How others have handled such protests (+video)
Africa Monitor Sudan: Mine collapse highlights challenges in quest to become leading gold producer
Opinion Thinking through options on North Korea
5 recipes for Cinco de Mayo
Change Agent Joshua Williams found his purpose in life – at age 5
Airline: $100 carry-on charge, $2 soda price 'not about raising money' (+video)
The Walt Disney Company pulls out of Bangladesh: Will that make workers safer?
Culture Cafe Reese Witherspoon stars in 'Mud,' a dreamy but scattered backwater tale
Latin America Monitor Obama in Mexico: Little talk of human rights (+video)
Chapter & Verse Free Comic Book Day: What is it and how can you celebrate?
Chapter & Verse Edgar Awards honor Dennis Lehane, 'Midnight in Peking'
Stefan Karlsson Jobs report: why the economy isn't as strong as you think
Olive Press Middle East nomads, lost in translation
Lauren Graham pens new novel, 'Someday, Someday, Maybe'
Nestlé recalls CPK, DiGiorno frozen pizzas nationwide (+video)
US suicide rate rose sharply among middle-aged
'Iron Man 3' is all action match-ups
'Midnight's Children' tells Salman Rushdie's story of a pair of Indian boys switched at birth
'Something in the Air' shows that revolutionaries like comforts as much as the ruling class
'What Maisie Knew' gives Henry James a New York spin
'Twerking' video gets dozens of San Diego high school students suspended
Terrorism & Security US and Britain consider arming Syrian rebels (+video)
Incursion or fair play? Chinese, Indian troops face off along disputed border.
Rat-meat ring busted, China beefs up food safety law
Unconditional love
The Entrepreneurial Mind Entering the market? Business model trumps business plan.
Difference Maker Seiji Yoshimura rushes to natural disasters to help
Top Picks: Henri the cat's philosophical musings, HBO's specials on childhood obesity, and more
American Idol: So close, yet so far (+video)