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Monitor Articles for May 24, 2013

Obama’s struggle: How free should the press be? (+video)
Would a US 'drone court' to authorize drone strikes be a good idea? (+video)
Can Senate candidate Gabriel Gomez help GOP repair its image among Latinos?
How cockroaches evolved so as to bypass 'roach motels'
Energy Voices Memorial Day travel: myth-busting tips to save gas
Stocks barely move as market ends week down
Energy Voices Energy secretary calls for review of US natural gas exports
Space station astronauts snap amazing photos of Alaskan volcanic eruption
In soggy North Dakota, hopes rise that floodwaters won't
Why did our ancestors start walking upright? Ancient terrain may hold clue.
Has Obama tightened US drone strike policy, or not?
Telling the Bees
Are Woolwich suspects' beliefs about 'war on Islam' widely held?
Reader recommendation: White Dog Fell from the Sky
Mormon makes bid to lead Muslim-majority Mali out of post-war chaos
Decoder Buzz Obama vows again to close Guantánamo: What are the sticking points? (+video)
Google said to be vying with Facebook for acquisition of map app Waze
Rand Paul's beef with immigration reform bill: the E-Verify system
Double bombing in Niger may have links to Algeria attack
What's the best TV sitcom of all time? Help us decide!
Ralph Waldo Emerson: 12 quotes on his birthday
USA Update Collapse of I-5 bridge in Washington State: no fatalities, many questions (+video)
Global News Blog Frustration and mirth as the EU almost bans olive oil bottles from its restaurants
Robert Reich Who needs Republicans when Wall Street has Democrats?
Stir It Up! Grilled sweet tea glazed pork chops
Opinion Time for food aid reform that helps hungry countries – and the US
Decoder Buzz Chris Christie to stroll Jersey Shore with Obama (again!): What's he thinking?
2 arrested on flight after UK-bound Pakistan plane diverted
Olive Press Ultra-Orthodox insider invites outsiders in through the big screen
Modern Parenthood Discussing Race: The pitfalls of racial 'colorblindness' and the importance of talk
Change Agent From housing to health care, 7 co-ops that are changing the economy
Russia evacuates 'drifting' Arctic research station as ice floe melts
Memorial Day weekend: (almost) no sticker shock on gas prices
5 climbers feared dead on Nepal peak
Stir It Up! Homemade salsa made with canned tomatoes
'Epic' has entertaining voice actors but ho-hum visuals
'We Steal Secrets' is more exciting than most fictional Hollywood thrillers
'Before Midnight' is the richest movie of director Richard Linklater's romantic trilogy
Chapter & Verse 'Behind the Candelabra': Before the HBO movie, what did America think of Liberace?
Chapter & Verse 'Glee' star Lea Michele will author a combination memoir/ how-to book
Culture Cafe 'Fast & Furious 6' has some plot holes but is an entertaining ride
Rapper faked own death? Arrest warrant issued for 90s rapper Tim Dog
Washington bridge collapse: Oversized truck causes span to fall into river
Jerry Lewis: Female comics 'set me back a bit'
A deeper way of seeing
Terrorism & Security Russia says Syria peace talks in Geneva set, Syrian rebels not so sure
After superstorm Sandy, Jersey Shore priming for Memorial Day weekend
A tussle in China over the Communist Party bowing to the Constitution
Target, Macy's sue Visa and Mastercard for alleged fee-fixing
Buddhists from Bangladesh resettle in Myanmar, Rohingya Muslims cry foul
The Simple Dollar One checking account – or two?
Difference Maker Dave Valle plays on a new field: microloans that help to end poverty
I have shoes for any occasion
Top Picks: Opera and ballet on the big screen, a PBS documentary on Detroit, and more