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Monitor Articles for May 19, 2013

Kepler epitaph? Eight most intriguing finds of troubled telescope.
Stir It Up! Vegan sloppy Joes and roasted potato and tomato salad
Why IRS investigation is already Obama's Watergate – and Benghazi, too (+video)
How a toilet paper shortage may temper Chavismo in Venezuela
Obama to detail terrorism policy including drone attacks and Guantánamo Bay prison
In Israel, a modern wall is halted by ancient terraces
In Gear Toyota class-action suit worth up to $1.6 billion on the way
Report reveals inmates suffer high levels of sexual abuse from guards
AP CEO says sources are reluctant to talk after Justice Department probe
Cover Story South Korea: The little dynamo that sneaked up on the world
Netanyahu: Israel will take action to prevent Syrian 'weapons leakage' to Hezbollah
With Algeria's president ill, country prepares for new era
And the Powerball winner is... someone in Florida
The good news – and the bad news – for Obama in scandal-tinged polls
In first trip abroad, Chinese premier visits India
Hofstra student killed by police during home invasion
With Hezbollah's help, Syrian troops push to regain Lebanese border areas
Saving Money Six ways to save on moving day
Gay man shot point-blank in Greenwich Village hate crime
Pakistan heads back to the polls, senior politician killed
North Korea pops off another projectile into the Pacific
Energy Voices Water may reshape energy industry
Will Pinterest ruin your wedding?
Are you a weddings expert? Take the quiz.
Red Moon
Pavlof Volcano ash cloud shows Alaska's threat to air travel (+video)
Stir It Up! Travel: A visit to a Cambodian pepper plantation (+video)