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Monitor Articles for May 16, 2013

Colleges offer discounts, but you have to look
To tame drug violence, Mexican general takes control of chaotic Michoacan
Paralyzed man identifies his assailant by blinking
Uzbekistan national arrested on terrorism charges in Idaho
Obama pledges to halt military sexual abuse
David Beckham: What did he do, really, for American soccer? (+video)
House Republicans repeal Obamacare again. Why do they keep doing it?
Robert Reich The problem with Obama's second term
Tax VOX Free the IRS from regulating political speech
Between the shopping malls, is there space in Dubai for dissent?
Stocks fade in late trading
Energy Voices Ernest Moniz confirmed unanimously as Energy secretary
US loses track of terrorists in witness protection: Poor data sharing blamed
The Monitor's View How Europe can find its feet again
Stash your cash in Switzerland? US and Europe push to make it harder.
Jodi Arias trial: Does her statement about wanting death penalty factor in?
Iran's chief nuclear negotiator: we're being asked to make all the sacrifices
For politicians, Twitter remains a learning process
LulzSec hackers sentenced to prison time for role in 2011 cyber attacks
Energy Voices Tesla Motors: Could electric cars 'refuel' faster than gas cars?
David Beckham, English soccer's golden boy, heads for the exit (+video)
Energy Voices How will the US capitalize on its oil boom?
Stir It Up! Almond butter and Nutella swirl cookies
Emma Watson says she loves how different her 'Bling Ring' role is from Hermione Granger
Google I/O: New maps app, tools for devs, and a Google Galaxy S4
Blue crabs in Maine? Something fishy about global warming.
In Gear Small SUVs fail crash test. Is yours on the list?
USA Update Boston bombing suspect reportedly wrote on boat: how it helps prosecution (+video)
Latin America Monitor 'People of corn' protest GMO strain in Mexico
Global News Blog Germany's uncomfortable role as Europe's 'economic police'
Paper Economy Jobless claims jump by 32,000
Modern Parenthood Disney misses the point in response to Merida petition
Decoder Buzz Why Benghazi talking points make US government seem like Dunder Mifflin (+video)
Decoder Buzz Why furor over IRS tea-party scandal won't subside, despite ouster
In Syria, terrorist designation means more go hungry
Heat, Grizzlies advance to respective NBA conference finals
Modern Parenthood Kirstie Alley slams Abercrombie (+video): Moms, will you be shopping there?
Opinion Why are Obamacare supporters attacking job creators?
Opinion What Bangladesh – and US retailers – must do to prevent man-made tragedies
Chapter & Verse Dan Brown at Lincoln Center: more about his childhood than 'Inferno'
Africa Monitor President at home, on trial abroad: How Kenya's new leader is coping
Stir It Up! Vermont wants Monsanto to label its GMOs
Chapter & Verse Ultimate Library aims to beef up hotel literary offerings
Chapter & Verse 'The Maze Runner' will hit the big screen next February
Cristin Milioti, Sutton Foster and others: How Broadway vets are faring on TV
USA Update Severe Texas tornadoes 'hopscotch' through rural communities, killing six
Culture Cafe Nicki Minaj: Is she leaving 'American Idol'?
Change Agent How mussels could help clean polluted waters
Beckham to retire: British star will step away from pitch at season's end
Florida airport shooting: Police shoot car theft suspect in Jacksonville
Tommy Chong: Why he wants to legalize marijuana
Charles Darwin wrong about coral reef formation?
Global News Blog Good Reads: From Chinese dreams, to the Tsarnaevs, to a QWERTY challenger
'Star Trek Into Darkness' is a satisfying sequel (+video)
Feds to boost child care center monitoring and employee background checks
Caroline Kennedy: Jury duty before ambassadorship?
Decoder Buzz President Obama wants to 'go Bulworth'? What's that? (+video)
A throne fit for the prince(ss) in your life: Potty training in style
Bin Laden son-in-law: Warning issued by NY judge (+video)
Terrorism & Security Afghanistan blast targets NATO convoy, kills at least 6 (+video)
Fred White dies: Longtime Kansas City Royals announcer recently retired (+video)
American Idol winner: Is it Kree Harrison or Candice Glover? (+video)
The sound of abundance
Texas tornadoes leave six dead, hundreds homeless (+video)
In Gear Tesla Motors to issue more stock, pay off Energy department
Why I travel, rather than tour
Japan's economy outpaces predictions