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Monitor Articles for May 15, 2013

Benghazi emails: What do they reveal?
White House reaction to IRS scandal: Too little, too late?
Palestinian protests mark the anniversary of Israel's creation
Russia, U.S. plot peace talks for Syria
Tea party investigation: Is the problem the IRS or the tax code? (+video)
Kepler, a prolific hunter for other Earths, is suddenly in trouble
Buffett's firm reveals new stock investments and divestments
USA Update White House releases Benghazi e-mails. Will that quiet critics? (+video)
Federal deficit falling fast: Is that a good thing ... or a bad thing?
IRS scandal: Reinvigorated tea party eager to seize moment (+video)
Why O.J. Simpson was so eager to take stand in new trial (+video)
Energy Voices Who benefits when natural gas prices rise?
Drunk driving: Why is MADD among critics of lower alcohol limit?
Stocks rise despite manufacturing slowdown
How Twitter has changed local politics
The Monitor's View How to avoid another Justice raid on reporter phone records
Iran nuclear talks in Istanbul show progress remains elusive
A mysterious disappearance sends shudders through Timbuktu
Google's All Access music service is here. Should Spotify be nervous?
Cardinal: Sexual misconduct behind his departure from Scotland
Homeward Bound
Reader recommendation: The Covenant
Chapter & Verse Growth in e-book sales slows in 2012
Olive Press Israeli artist Sovar Lerner sees harmony in a teapot
What kind of an eater are you?
Chapter & Verse DOJ calls Apple the 'ringmaster' in e-book price-fixing as trial looms
Tax VOX IRS and the Tea Party: A small but bungling scandal
Stir It Up! Yogurt lemon loaf with rosemary and walnuts
Decoder Buzz Five ways the IRS scandal will change Washington (+video)
Culture Cafe Ron Weaver dies, leaving legacy as 'Bold and the Beautiful' producer
Why insider attacks are down in Afghanistan
Energy Voices Arctic Council: China looks north for oil, gas, and fish
Decoder Buzz Russia spy case: Was US diplomat set up? (+video)
Military sex-abuse crisis hits new low in Fort Hood investigation (+video)
Whites-only scholarship: Columbia tries to change it
Robin Williams: CBS brings comic into Fall TV lineup (+video)
Pacers, Spurs win easily to take control of NBA playoff series
Why federal budget deficit is falling faster than CBO expected
Briefing: Palestinian factions agree to reconcile
As Europe struggles, the Franco-German alliance turns testy
KFC smugglers bring buckets of chicken through Gaza tunnels
USA Update How deal was struck for abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell to serve life sentence (+video)
Eminem, Carly Rae Jepsen will be honored by new 'gold' and 'platinum' program that counts digital listens
Culture Cafe 'NCIS,' 'How I Met Your Mother' and more: Check out CBS's schedule for the fall 2013 TV season
Burger King McRib? Watch out, McDonald's.
Chapter & Verse Shakespeare: working magic in solitary confinement
Opinion What could finally topple Iran's regime? Earthquakes.
Chapter & Verse 'Fifty Shades of Grey' comes to China via pirated copies
Change Agent Sharing good news helps break down the myth of our own powerlessness
Japanese politicians scramble to distance themselves from 'comfort women' comments
Chapter & Verse Dan Brown's 'Inferno' gets mixed reviews but tops sales charts
How much do you know about pop culture? Take our quiz to find out!
As China's social media takes off, Beijing's censorship campaign heats up
Modern Parenthood Drunk ASU student left at hospital with a Post-it note stuck to him
Trayvon Martin: Shouts for help on 911 call, are they his? (+video)
Singer attacked in Houston: Lead singer of La Mafia (+video)
Opinion As North Korea heats up, South Korea and Japan should warm ties
Why Taiwan refused Philippines' apology for slain fisherman as insincere
Focus Education reform's next big thing: Common Core standards ramp up
Focus Common Core promises new tests. Will they be better than the old ones?
Senior prostitution ring in N.J.: Two seniors arrested (+video)
Why Obama agenda group faces pushback from some Democrats
Terrorism & Security I spy, you spy: Russian officials downplay Fogle incident
Chuck Muncie dies, leaves legacy as NFL star who fought drug abuse
An inspired career strategy
Marshals: Tiger lied about Garcia incident
As cyclone bears down on Myanmar, thousands of Muslims refuse to relocate
The Simple Dollar High gas prices? 14 ways to save money on fuel.
A director's eclectic ear
When obfuscation is a good thing