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Monitor Articles for May 11, 2013

In Gear Jeep recall: SUV can shift into neutral when started
Calif. homes sinking in mysterious 'slow motion disaster'
Cleveland kidnappings: Was Ariel Castro record of abuse a red flag? (+video)
Tim Tebow blackballed by NFL?
In Gear The gas tax system is broken. Are electric cars to blame?
Has Benghazi become the Obama administration’s Watergate? (+video)
The Simple Dollar Renting vs owning: When is buying a house worth it?
West Wing evacuated: Smoke from a transformer prompts action
Bangladeshi survivor recovering after 17 days trapped in rubble
Two car bombs in Turkey: Is Syria conflict spreading?
Why Prince Harry meets US vets in Colorado (+video)
Bryce Reed, enigma of the Texas blast tragedy (+video)
O.J. Simpson in court to fight robbery, kidnapping conviction
ABC shows canceled: 'Happy Endings' and four others
In Gear Is Facebook getting into navigation?
Tsarnaev 2011 murders? Boston-bombing brothers also could be linked to earlier deaths.
NASA astronauts fix leak on International Space Station (+video)
IRS apologizes for targeting tea party. Should heads roll? (+video)
The New Economy IRS apologizes for targeting tea party: this week in the economy
Shane Franklin Miller manhunt expands
'Gravity' movie trailer stars George Clooney, Sandra Bullock (+video)
Pakistanis vote in historic election even as violence looms
Saving Money It's family vacation time. Best deals to Florida, California, and more.
Rand Paul for president? Why else is he in Iowa? (+video)
Ghost town, under water for 25 years, surfaces (+video)
North Dakota death rate is highest in nation. Why?
Energy Voices Algeria after terrorist attack: Don't count on security promises
'The Great Gatsby' director Baz Luhrmann hopes his movie will inspire viewers to party like it's the '20s
A Man Without Breath
Brian Williams sees 'Rock Center' canceled
Stir It Up! Hot milk cake and strawberry caramel sauce