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Monitor Articles for May 1, 2013

Chris Kelly dies: Leaves legacy as 1990s kid rapper (+video)
J.C. Penney apology: We erred. Come back (+video)
North Korea: American sentenced to hard labor
Irish bill aims to enable life-saving abortions
How Boston bombing suspect's friends hid backpack, laptop
'Bug's eye' camera inspired by nature
Wind fuels raging wildfire in California
Judge's authority questioned in morning-after pill decision
With Arctic sea ice vulnerable, summer melt season begins briskly (+video)
What's behind best April for Detroit's Big 3 since 2007?
New arrests hint at unseen side of Boston bombing suspect (+video)
Twitter-hacking Syrian Electronic Army: How much state support does it have?
Scientists unravel mystery of cannibal shark embryos
Paper Economy Manufacturing activity declines in April
Why immigration reform's simplest question has no easy answer (+video)
How NASA dodged a derelict Soviet spy satellite
IBM and the world's tiniest film
Bolivia's Evo Morales says 'adiós' to USAID
The Monitor's View Immigration bill and Obama's trip to Mexico: Why the two are linked
UK tallies the costs of an independent Scotland
Stir It Up! Tomato barley soup with feta and green onion biscuits
Energy Voices Light bulbs and the pitfalls of 'green' marketing
Reader recommendation: Joy in the Morning
Africa Monitor Another BRIC in the wall: Brazil stakes its claim in Africa
In Gear Electric car company Coda files for bankruptcy
Decoder Buzz Ted Cruz presidential race 2016: Whose worst nightmare?
Robert Reich Cheap Fed money isn't helping the economy
Could Gabriel Gomez pull a 'Scott Brown' and win Massachusetts Senate race?
Why nobody is happy with FDA ruling on Plan B (+video)
'Life at the Marmont': 6 stories of Hollywood stars at the famous hotel
Gabriel Gomez, GOP candidate for Sen., rejects 'people's pledge'
Chapter & Verse Amanda Knox's new memoir reveals a gentler side of the American student
May snowstorm dumps nearly a foot on Wyo. and Colo.
Irish bill brings more clarity – and more heat – to abortion debate
Opinion A blueprint for women architects to overcome doubt, discrimination
New Kenyan lawmakers vote themselves free luxury car perk, worth $60,000
Global News Blog May Day protests: From Bangladesh to Europe, angry workers rally in the tens of thousands (+video)
Modern Parenthood Michelle Obama’s arms are real; arm-lift cosmetic surgery is just skin deep
Paper Economy ADP: Private staffers add 119,000 jobs in April
How US Muslims are different: Pew poll sheds light on global contrasts
Horizons Nearly 2,000 Netflix movies to disappear overnight
Boston bombings: 3 more suspects taken into custody, police tweet (+video)
Iceland's anti-EU election puts Norway's Europe plans on hold
Decoder Buzz Gun control forces take fight to New Hampshire, Sen. Kelly Ayotte
USA Update Ricin letters: What's the evidence against new suspect, per the FBI affidavit?
The ties that bind: Obama travels to Mexico (+video)
Opinion Six ways to boost electric vehicles
Deanna Durbin dies: Child actress walked away from film career as an adult
Culture Cafe 'Macbeth' movie adaptation will reportedly star Michael Fassbender, Natalie Portman
Culture Cafe 'The Following': The season finale goes in an unexpected direction
As world dials back death penalty, Japan heads in opposite direction
Chapter & Verse NY governor Andrew Cuomo will write memoir for 2014
Decoder Buzz Paul Ryan gay adoption: Is his support a big deal?
Global News Blog Good Reads: Mars mission, gene patents, cellphone tracking, 'absurd' start-ups, Netflix streamlines
10 best books of May, according to Amazon's editors
Olive Press A shortage of water, but not hospitality, in the West Bank's fields
DB Cooper parachute packer found murdered (+video)
Focus With no jobs in the city, country life is coming back to Spain
Focus Spanish urban entrepreneurs yield to the lure of rural living
Change Agent $10M gift to restore slave quarters at Thomas Jefferson estate
Tsarnaev $100K benefits? Family's public assistance under investigation.
Venezuela: Fistfight in Congress takes post-election tension to new level
Terrorism & Security Attacks in Russia's Dagestan grab international attention after Boston
A part of immigration reform even critics like: integrating new Americans (+video)
Upfront Blog Progress report: How the Monitor is doing
Usain Bolt out of the running in Jamaica
A lifetime of giving
Female DNA on bomb? FBI checking suspects (+video)
Vijay Singh cleared of deer antler doping charge
The Simple Dollar Five free tools to organize your life
A fig orchard on your patio