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Monitor Articles for April 6, 2013

Honus Wagner baseball card fetches $2.1 million
FBI at Petraeus home: Why FBI is grilling the ex-CIA chief
Immigrants rally in Boston in support of reform
Egyptian court dismisses lawsuit to ban comedy show
'President Hillary Clinton?' In mock election, she wallops the competition. (+video)
Final Four start time: Louisville vs. Wichita State
Chaplain, Korean War hero, to receive medal of honor 62 years after his death
'Mountain Man' Troy Knapp: Real survivalist or run-of-the-mill burglar? (+video)
Mormon conference: A woman leads prayer for first time in 183 years.
Antarctic ice samples: What do they say about global warming?
In Gear Average fuel economy of US cars reaches an all-time high
Bangladesh: Hardline Muslims rally in support of anti-blasphemy laws
Obama's budget offends just about everybody. Is that compromise?
Montana Republicans win wild legislative session, tighten election laws
City of New York pushed to settle Central Park jogger case
Egyptian official calls economic situation 'worrisome'
Cabin burglar: How Utah sheriffs caught a six-year fugitive
The Simple Dollar Planning for the future? Why pessimism is more productive.
The New Economy Worst company in America: Will it be EA, the video gamemaker, again?
Sen. Bill Nelson announces NASA's plan to capture asteroid
Kansas anti-abortion law: How divided can the states get?
6 Americans and Afghan doctor killed in attacks
World powers and Iran at a stalemate
On the mend: Nelson Mandela released from hospital
Trayvon Martin's parents settle with homeowners association
Energy Voices How US energy policy fails to address climate change
Saving Money Laptop sales: Windows 8's loss is your gain
Amid Syrian tensions, Lebanon elects new prime minister
Secretary Kerry returning to Mideast: How much nudging will he do?
Decoder Buzz Did North Korea secretly restart work on disabled nuclear reactor? (+video)
Halle Berry pregnant with her second child (+video)
Iraq: At least 22 wounded, 60 injured in election-related suicide bombing
Teen hikers lost on California trail recovering in hospital
Second horse dies at Aintree steeplechase in England
Latin America Monitor Venezuela's interim President Maduro addresses a topic Chávez largely avoided – crime
Kansas passes anti-abortion bill declaring life begins 'at fertilization'
Missing family found, survive night in Everglades (+video)
North Korea: Fidel Castro warns Kim Jong-un against war
Robert Remini dies, leaves legacy as Andrew Jackson scholar
2 dead at day care shooting in Quebec, all children unharmed
Americans pile into silver, gold coins
Stir It Up! Michelle Obama invites kids to submit recipes for a state dinner
Wesley Snipes released. Tax evader under house arrest.