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Monitor Articles for April 5, 2013

What Facebook Home means for Google
KFC goes boneless. Are drumsticks too old-fashioned?
Asian carp are already in Great Lakes, new report suggests
Liberals to Obama: not so fast on Social Security cuts
Robert Reich What's behind the bad March job numbers?
NCAA Final Four preview: Louisville, WSU, Mich., and Syracuse will keep things lively
USA Update Dreamliner completes crucial test flight. How big a deal?
Cuts to Social Security? What Obama is proposing.
Stocks fall on weak jobs report
Cthulhu fhtagn! Indescribably terrifying microbes named for Lovecraft monsters.
'Morning after' pill: why a judge ordered that even preteens can access it
Are you a poetry aficionado? Try our quiz!
Paper Economy Unemployment drops to 7.6 percent in March
Judge rejects BP bid to block Gulf spill payouts
As cities lay off police, frustrated neighborhoods turn to private cops
In Gear Fisker Automotive cuts more staff. Is this the end?
Amid attacks on law enforcement, prosecutors rattled but resolute
Modern Parenthood To Princeton alum, It's not about finding an equal, but who can complete the sum
How much do you know about California? Take our quiz.
North Korea: What message will John Kerry take to Asia next week?
Rutgers athletic director is out amid furor over brutish coach. What lessons?
Reader recommendation: Picking Up
Putin and Merkel set for a prickly Russian-German summit?
In Philadelphia, Atari's Pong goes big, big, big screen
Microsoft: Facebook Home is cool. But a lot of those ideas are ours.
Victims' groups cool to Pope Francis's first comments on abuse scandal
The New Economy Jobs outlook: Can young people overcome the gloom?
Iran stance 'puzzles' negotiators after first day of nuclear talks
Tax VOX Should the US adopt a territorial tax system?
Sen. Scott Brown ... of New Hampshire? Why it could work.
USA Update Who knew what, when about shooting suspect James Holmes?
Jobs report for March a disappointment. What happened?
Chilly White North? Canadian government secrecy on the rise
Maasai face eviction from ancestral lands to make way for Dubai hunting firm
Global News Blog Good Reads: Christian Middle East exodus, online ed, drone strikes, and Japan's prisons
Chapter & Verse 'The Great Gatsby' trailer features new plot points, music
'Hannibal' is back in a new TV show
Change Agent A small foundation learns how to make a big difference in juvenile justice
'Trance' tries to fit into too many genres
'Room 237' examines possible hidden meanings in 'The Shining'
Energy Voices Why is the Mafia investing in renewable energy?
Decoder Buzz Uproar over Obama comment on Kamala Harris: political correctness run amok?
Blame game intensifies over who could have prevented Argentina's floods
'Evil Dead' should please fans of the original and newbies
'The Company You Keep' never quite figures out what it wants to be
Frozen pizza recall: N.Y. company recalls frozen products after Mich. residents become ill
Students denied lunch this week, ordered to throw food in trash
Is furor over football coach's 'fascism' really a sign of Britain's progress?
Modern Parenthood Target dress apology: Industry experts should not require Twitter policing
Stir It Up! Pasta with ham and mushrooms in a creamy ricotta sauce
'A Spoonful of Sugar': 7 stories from a British nanny
If North Korea tests missile, might US shoot it down?
Paper Economy Hiring slows as economy adds only 88,000 jobs in March
Stir It Up! Deconstructed chicken pot pie
Chapter & Verse Roseanne Montillo discusses 'The Lady and Her Monsters,' her book about Mary Shelley
For some farmers, a return to animal power
Chapter & Verse Roger Ebert: Author as well as movie critic
Facebook Home: Teens won't want it dominating their Android smart phone
Bill Nelson, Fla. Sen., declares support for gay marriage
Terrorism & Security As prospect of North Korea missile launch rises, some question US response to threats (+video)
The Entrepreneurial Mind More debt is not the answer to small business troubles
Mike Rice defended by Rutgers players
Maj. Gen. Ralph Baker of US Africa Command fired over alcohol, sex charges
Report: Uneven justice could hurt stability in Ivory Coast
Target dress apology over garment color description
Opinion What poetry could teach a divided America
Backchannels How Myanmar's Buddhist-Muslim conflict has reached into Indonesia
Energy Voices Wind industry in holding pattern, awaiting new tax rules
American Idol: One more contestant leaves singing the blues
Opinion Iran nuclear talks: Citizen diplomacy would build trust
Modern Parenthood Socrates in Preschool: What would Socrates say about Snapchat?
God: Matter particle or Master Planner?
Backchannels A gold rush in Indonesia you've never heard of
Difference Maker Bryan Hoddle helps wounded vets run – and dream – again
Top Picks: Art on the big screen, PBS's raw look at Syria, and more