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Monitor Articles for April 30, 2013

$70 million per seat: Is NASA getting ripped off?
Tsarnaev widow request: Give the body to his family, not me
Zombie worms eat whale bones — with acid
Gun control, Arizona style: Guns given to the state will be re-sold
Jack Shea, director of 'The Jeffersons' and president of the DGA, dies
Morning-after pill okay for ages 15 and up, says FDA
Mother shot holding baby: Mother and 10-day-old caught in shooting
Hunger strike: Obama reiterates vow to close Guantanamo
USA Update Top general: 5 bad habits for the Pentagon to fix (+video)
Ricin case against Everett Dutschke tightens
Was Africa the motherland of dinosaur predecessors?
Lawyers who defend terror suspects have thankless task. Why do they do it?
Antimatter might fall up, say physicists
Energy Voices China: World's largest polluter also leads clean-energy push
In Gear Pulled over? Top 11 excuses to get out of a ticket.
Poll shows how US Muslims are like Protestants – and how they're not
Energy Voices US oil and gas workers see pay fall. Sign of trouble for energy?
With air strike on Gaza, Israel tells Hamas 'get it together'
Obama 'red line' on Syrian chemical weapons gets a bit grayer
Dysfunction in D.C. leads to soaring cynicism among Millennials
Stocks edge higher; IBM pulls up Dow
The Monitor's View Revenge, or fear of it, must not lead Syria to chemical warfare
The Blind Man's Garden
Reader recommendation: The Fine Print
3-D printers bring new edge to fashion
Redskins name change: DC council member proposes team change their name
Appalachian Trail not forgotten: Women voters still wary of Mark Sanford
Monitor Breakfast A no-fly zone over Syria? Harder to do than in Libya, warns top US general (+video)
Castro daughter to US: Raul's daughter to accept award for gay rights advocacy
Iraqi government takes 10 TV stations off the air for 'incitement'
Kerry makes headway with Middle East peace, but violence flares
What's a monster hurricane doing on top of Saturn? (+video)
Can a 4,000-mile wall of trees stop Sahara Desert's drift?
$70 million per seat: Russia raises price for NASA astronauts on Russian rockets
Bestselling books the week of 4/29/13, according to IndieBound*
Chapter & Verse Pulitzer Prize: huge sales neither required nor guaranteed
Is Obama's second term sunk? 'Maybe I should just pack up and go home.'
Masonic lodge vandalized by church stabbing suspect, according to police
Modern Parenthood A boy, 9, in India is driving a Ferrari while my son, 17, confused R for D
The Simple Dollar How allowances can teach children to save money
Chapter & Verse 'The Hunger Games' trilogy drives juvenile fiction sales up 13.1 percent for 2012
The New Economy Case-Shiller: Home prices in 20 cities rise at fastest rate since 2006
Rock the vote? Pakistan's politicians court a younger crowd.
Global News Blog As South Korea and US end military drills, how will North Korea react?
Battle over the Serengeti pits Maasai against Dubai
Decoder Buzz Ron Paul slams Boston police. Has he gone too far?
Boston bombings a wild card in Massachusetts Senate primary today
Opinion Why civilian courts are best for terror trials, especially Boston bombing suspect
Hearing on aliens chaired by former Rep., attended by six other former Congress members
Decoder Buzz Did Mark Sanford blow his last best chance to win votes in House race?
USA Update Did Boston bombers have help? Investigators checking female DNA evidence.
How an obscure council became Egypt's decisionmaker
Stir It Up! Baking for Boston: Peanut butter pound cake and lemon coconut bars
Tax VOX How to improve the tax subsidy for home ownership
Swaddling case: Sisters charged with wrapping infants 'like a boa constrictor'
Newborn left on beach 'immediately after birth'
Did someone fire missiles at a Russian jetliner flying over Syria?
Change Agent Saudi Arabia launches first campaign to stop violence against women
Boston bomber defense: Suspect's defense team gets major boost with Clarke
Opinion Obamacare faces new legal challenge: Its 'tax' still violates the Constitution
Culture Cafe Monkees announce tour will cross the US this summer (+video)
Paper Economy Case-Shiller: Home prices surge in February
Dutch welcome Willem-Alexander's ascension to Dutch throne
Tony nominations: 'Kinky Boots,' 'Matilda' lead the pack
Hurricane Sandy released billions of gallons of sewage
Blue helmet drones? UN prepares to send drones over Africa.
Bush v. Gore doubts voiced by Justice O'Connor for first time
Janos Starker dies: Leaves legacy as Grammy-winning cellist (+video)
NYC dogs can smell a rat and capture it too
Focus Was Shane Todd murdered over high-tech secrets?
Jack Shea dies, leaves legacy of TV directing and Catholic values
Terrorism & Security Car bombs cap week of violence that underscores Iraq's fragility
Latin America Monitor Today, we ride: Women join Mexico City's cycling revolution
Learning to love them
The 25 best movie musicals of all time
Plane crashes near L.A. after mid-air collision (+video)
The Entrepreneurial Mind What's your 'elevator pitch'?
Chapter & Verse Poetry Out Loud 2013 finals: students from all over the US will compete
Robert Frost on poet Amy Lowell
Ricin suspect's home is 'uninhabitable' after FBI search, lawsuit alleges
Jason Collins: Will gay athletes bring in big sponsorship bucks?
Backlog consequences: VA withholds bonuses