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Monitor Articles for April 25, 2013

Rhode Island's marriage equality strategy a 'recipe' for other states?
Comet of the century? ISON has 'potential' to be visible all day.
Pope Francis plans to visit Assisi, home of St. Francis
Irked by airport delays, Senators ease FAA furloughs
Twinkies return by midsummer? Hostess factories reopening soon. (+video)
J.C. Penney's surprise investor: George Soros
NFL draft 2013: Without the quarterbacks, will fans tune in? (+video)
AP tweet that rattled stock markets exposes media vulnerability
Survivors found trapped in collapsed Bangladesh factory
USA Update Sunil Tripathi body found; Brown student was misidentified in Boston bombing
Ella Fitzgerald: A legacy kept alive in theater
Virginia State student deaths renew debate over hazing abuse
Stefan Karlsson How art will raise GDP by 3 percent
Pressure mounting on US to export natural gas
Global News Blog Q&A: Who ultimately bears responsibility for Bangladesh factory disasters?
Latin America Monitor Teachers in Mexico break windows, torch offices to protest anti-union reforms
Senate, House pursue sharply different paths to immigration reform
Green flights? NASA explores biofuel use in planes.
Colorado court rules marijuana smokers may be fired
Stocks edge higher on drop in jobless claims
Samsung Galaxy S4: When is it too much?
Stocks stumble after a fake tweet announced White House attack
Bombers' Times Square plan: Use remaining bombs in New York, FBI says
Max Baucus: Who gets the retiring senator's $4.8 million?
Backchannels Should use of chemical weapons in Syria be a 'game changer?'
Why China won't help the US on North Korea
What does Apple have on tap for WWDC 2013?
NFL Draft 2013: The next generation of NFL stars takes the stage
Chapter & Verse Don DeLillo becomes first writer to receive the Library of Congress Prize for American Fiction
The Monitor's View In a gathering of presidents, a model for Washington
Google says content removal requests are way up in Russia, Brazil
Stir It Up! Carrot and cucumber veggie noodle salad with cilantro hemp pesto
5 memoirs to add to your 2013 reading list
White House all but sure Syria used chemical weapons – but needs to be sure
Boston Marathon bombing: Did US really miss chance to prevent it? (+video)
Global News Blog Switzerland shuts the door on EU migrants: A new 'us vs. them' in Europe?
Energy Voices Energy efficiency means lower utility bills, less mortgage risk
Peacekeeping force for unsettled Mali gets unanimous UN vote
Tax VOX Will Max Baucus retirement help tax reform? Don't count on it.
Decoder Buzz George W. Bush on the rebound? Nothing like a presidential library to help. (+video)
Ella Fitzgerald: From runaway pauper to Queen of Jazz
Einstein's theory of general relativity gets most extreme test yet
John McCain: 'some optimism' for a more bipartisan approach in the Senate (+video)
Bombers' Times Square plan: Detonate explosives in Manhattan
Modern Parenthood Obama daughters tattoo: There’s a loophole in the plan, says a newly tattooed mom
Reader recommendation: Double Feature
Israel shoots down drone, Hezbollah denies it's theirs
Scientists discover ridiculously small insect
John McCain: focus on flight delays shows 'upside down' sequester concerns
Ghana is rising, but so are its dump-yards of cast-off appliances
Serbia-Kosovo deal clears path to EU accession, but long road remains
NFL new uniforms, best to worst
Backchannels As Indonesia gears up for election, fears of corruption soar
Peru says no to GMO
Chorus grows against Obama administration's sanctions-heavy Iran policy
USA Update No foul play suspected in Alabama fuel barge explosions (+video)
Putin says opportunity for better US-Russian ties in Boston aftermath (+video)
Sandra Beltran, Mexican cartel 'queen,' pleads guilty in US
Is Japan's Shinzo Abe finally acting on his true nationalist colors?
Opinion To nudge Iran talks, new UN resolution needed
The New Economy How to invest? Americans don't know some basics.
Prom spending: Prom dress, two(!) pairs of shoes, and more push past $1,000
Paper Economy Jobless claims decline by 16,000
Culture Cafe Anne Hathaway may reunite with director Christopher Nolan for Nolan's film 'Interstellar'
Modern Parenthood Ella Fitzgerald: Her songs became the lullabies this mom sings to her babies
Culture Cafe 'After Earth' trailer shows father-son duo Will and Jaden Smith struggling to survive (+video)
Opinion Boston bombings and a Muslim identity crisis
Culture Cafe Gwyneth Paltrow's Pepper Potts will have huge part to play in 'Iron Man 3,' says Marvel Studios head
Saul Bellow's Heart
Chapter & Verse Jason Segel will pen series for kids
Decoder Buzz Obama’s tattoo plan: Tattoos for Dad, too. Will that gambit work?
Verizon Wireless wants to buy out Vodaphone's stake for $100 billion
Exxon Mobil earnings up despite drop in oil, gas production
Fired anchor: Letterman talks to A. J. Clemente (+video)
Culture Cafe Ella Fitzgerald: An actress as well as a legendary singer (+video)
William Vatterott, Catholic priest, indicted on child pornography charges
Boston bombing: US Muslims react with fear, frustration, and new resolve
M.A.S.H. actor dies: Alan Arbus played psychiatrist (+video)
New $100 bill on the way in October
Immigration reform: How many new immigrants are we talking about?
American Idol: The final four flounder (+video)
Terrorism & Security Anti-government protests in Iraq devolve into sectarian fighting
Stop the hate; start the love
20,000 students sue Calif. educators for not teaching English
In Gear Why natural gas fuel is a better fit for trucks than cars
Energy Voices What does Fisker Automotive tell us about clean energy?