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Monitor Articles for April 23, 2013

Senator comes out during emotional marriage debate
Can Apple stay on top? Investors, suppliers question its future.
'Zombie apocalypse' strikes university campus
Boston Marathon bombing: Is American jihadism on the rise?(+video)
Fireballs! 'Tis the season for massive meteors.
False tweet sinks stock market. Is anyone checking this stuff? (+video)
A two-second rule for distracted drivers? Automakers asked to restrict tech.
Burger King delivery in three new cities: Is yours one?
Girding for a federal budget battle royale, parties wrangle over rules
Woman finds $36,000 in cash — and returns it
13 officers indicted: Baltimore prison officers on gang payroll?
How can you help Boston? One Fund sets up rules to help victims. (+video)
Stocks surge after fake tweet scare
Tax VOX Online sales tax is not a tax increase: Five things to know
Daily deal sites: Beware these five things
Decoder Buzz George W. Bush poll numbers up. Does America miss him yet?
French embassy bombing hits embassy and innocent neighbors
Are you really a well-rounded sports fan? Take our quiz
Aldo Leopold: A Sand County Almanac & Other Writings on Conservation and Ecology
Reader recommendation: Canzoniere
The Simple Dollar Coping with 'lifestyle deflation'
Backchannels From Bali to Boston, terrorists chase the same goal: infamy
The Monitor's View Europe's ideals win a Serbia-Kosovo pact
FBI Most Wanted caught in Nicaragua: What draws US pedophiles to the region?
Hackers compromise Associated Press Twitter account, tweet false report of White House attack
Bestselling books the week of 4/22/13, according to IndieBound*
Chapter & Verse Margaret Thatcher authorized biography gets a US release date
Hagel goes to Israel bearing gifts of radar and Ospreys
Saakashvili's party seeks relevancy in the Georgia it created
Boston bomb suspect called 'lucid,' but how much does he know?
Will flight delays stir up ire against sequester?
Global News Blog Bill Gates sets South Korea abuzz with 'rude' one-handed shake
Veteran dealmaker Max Baucus announces Senate retirement
The Reformed Broker Is Europe backing away from austerity?
China tests its borders again, this time in the mountains
Could chemical weapons in Syria force Obama's hand?
The New Economy New home sales climb 1.5 percent, bolstering housing recovery
US general aims to ease China's concerns over Obama 'pivot' to Asia
Global News Blog China sends largest fleet yet to disputed islands
Energy Voices BP delays $10 billion Gulf of Mexico project due to rising costs
Earth's cooling came to sudden halt in 1900, study shows
USA Update Why TSA delayed its new rules allowing knives on airplanes
Modern Parenthood Crime's fallout: At-risk kids play games inside on sunny days, blinds shut
Opinion After Boston bombings: Beware Russia-US cooperation on counter-terrorism
Chapter & Verse 'Top of the Morning': great word-of-mouth, but not such good reviews
France approves gay marriage after surprisingly violent debate
Stir It Up! Country Captain with coconut rice
Are you 21? New York City looks to raise minimum age to buy cigarettes
USA Update Ricin investigation uncovers little physical evidence, testifies FBI (+video)
Chapter & Verse World Book Night: the most popular books and which Broadway show is getting involved
Was Boston Marathon bombing a US 'intelligence failure'? (+video)
Saving Money Tablet checkout is more convenient, but could it lead to overspending?
Change Agent Ben Affleck will live on $1.50 to support charity (+video)
Energy Voices ABB's 'blue jeans' strategy in solar
49ers trade up? San Francisco has draft picks to deal, if they want
As Mexican families return home, US-educated kids struggle to adapt
World's five largest companies
Readers Write: How to stop illegal immigration; 'Sequester' is hurting criminal justice
Culture Cafe Mindy Kaling: One Monitor writer details why she'd like to be Kaling's best friend
Opinion Immigration reform is a women's issue
Tiger in bathroom greets Kansas woman at circus
Culture Cafe Michael Shannon and Henry Cavill discuss Superman reboot 'Man of Steel'
In Gear Hybrid car sales soar 40 percent, study says
Change Agent After Boston Marathon bombing: Faith in Watertown
China harasses family of Nobel Peace laureate Liu Xiaobo
TV anchor fired after accidental profanity during first broadcast
Canada alleges Al Qaeda plot from Iran, but Tehran's involvement unlikely (+video)
Gator attacks 6-year-old: Dad punches reptile to save boy (+video)
Terrorism & Security Israel charges Syria with lethal chemical weapons use
Richie Havens dies, leaves Woodstock marathon legacy (+video)
Explosion at French Embassy in Libya highlights security challenges (+video)
Calm in a crisis
The Simple Dollar Are coupons worth the time?