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Monitor Articles for April 2, 2013

SC's ex-Gov. Sanford wins runoff, will face Colbert Busch (+video)
Why was March so cold? Blame Greenland.
Parents moved to tears after Pope's careful embrace
Indiana targets abortion pill: House drops ultrasound provision
How Maria Sibylla Merian opened our eyes to nature
Jane Henson, Jim's Muppet partner, dies
Rutgers coach Mike Rice in jeopardy: How powerful is public opinion?
For Keystone XL foes, oozing Canadian crude in Arkansas spill is black gold (+video)
Man sues cat owner: Are scratches and bites worth $100,000?
Fannie Mae record profit: How long until it pays back bailout money?
Why South Carolina special election is no big deal
Palestinian anger builds as another prisoner dies on Israel's watch
At a West Bank seder, Jews commemorate a modern quest for freedom
Double standard emerges in Brazil van gang rape investigation
Does Sweden have a racial profiling problem?
In Atlanta cheating scandal, one culprit may be standardized testing
NASA climate scientist James Hansen retires to join global warming fight full time
Modern Parenthood Maria Sibylla Merian: Inspired her love of nature and art in her daughters
'Gate to Hell' unearthed among Turkey's ancient ruins (+video)
Stocks rise on strong auto sales, factory orders
Google faces inquiries (and possible fines) from European regulators
911 dispatcher sends mom to rescue kayaker
Husband-hunting advice from Princeton alum triggers outrage, humor
Connecticut responds to Newtown with groundbreaking gun control laws
American Story
UN approves Arms Trade Treaty. Will US Senate ratify it?
Vegas restaurant crash: Man admits drugs in Las Vegas restaurant accident
Reader recommendation: Here, There, Elsewhere
Bestselling books the week of 4/1/13, according to IndieBound*
Armed teachers? NRA task force suggests voluntary program.
Decoder Buzz North Korea's threat to restart shuttered reactor: Bluster or big problem?
The Monitor's View How a Wal-Mart struggle in India shows world progress
Steve Jobs had a hand in next two generations of iPhone: report
Paper Economy Construction spending increases in February
Backchannels Did members of the Indonesian military storm a prison, murder inmates?
In Gear Subaru recalls vehicles for brake problems
Republican Sen. Mark Kirk backs gay marriage: How big a deal?
Portugal spats jeopardize economic improvement in Europe's shaky south
Apple CEO apologizes to China for repair policies
Major League Baseball: You’re the umpire. How well do you know the rules?
Energy Voices Nissan Leaf sales soar in record month for plug-in cars
Global News Blog Is North Korea on a 'collision' course with vow to restart nuclear reactor?
Backchannels In Indonesia, and Southeast Asia, the return of optimism – and the bankers.
Sudan's Bashir starts freeing prisoners, polishing up legacy
Senator arrested for alleged NYC mayor's race plot
Energy Voices What does the ExxonMobil spill mean for the Keystone XL pipeline?
Shakespeare: a short quiz on the work of the Bard
Rio gang-rape spotlights problem faced by developing-world cities
12 promising novels for spring 2013
Texas DA death suggests simmering neo-Nazi war could be boiling over
Chapter & Verse 'Lean In' boasts strong sales, largely positive reviews
Culture Cafe 'Finding Dory': The 'Finding Nemo' sequel is coming in 2015
Colt McCoy traded: Cleveland QB shipped to San Francisco for draft picks
Colombia: Activist deaths and postponed peacetalks highlight struggle over land
USA Update CBS broken leg replay: Did the network handle it right?
Lindsay Lohan will visit 'Late Show'
NCAA Final Four: How much do you know?
Leno, Fallon mock 'Tonight' rumors in parody video
Is Putin trading his own party for a new power base?
Global Viewpoint Can Latin America resist a return to its populist past?
Latin America Monitor Venezuela presidential election: lack of issues becomes the issue
In Gear Car sales rise in March. Chrysler up 5 percent.
Major League Baseball 2013: bobbleheads and fireworks galore for fans
Modern Parenthood Heidi Klum saves drowning son: Supermodel supermom vs. the good enough mother (+video)
Opinion EU should welcome Ukraine as a partner for Europe's own good
Decoder Buzz Caroline Kennedy: Good or bad choice for US ambassador to Japan? (+video)
Culture Cafe 'The Walking Dead' season 4: Comic book creator Robert Kirkman discusses what's ahead
Focus Medicare: Could Rep. Paul Ryan's reform plan work?
Georgia city requires gun ownership in all households after new ordinance
Stir It Up! White bolognese sauce
Could China and Japan see a spring thaw in relations?
Modern Parenthood Let us not praise our children: Well-intentioned puffery won't boost school success
Focus Taming Medicare costs: What are the options?
Jack Pardee dies: Leaves NFL and college coaching legacy
Why Caroline Kennedy is likely to get a warm welcome in Japan (+video)
Terrorism & Security Myanmar fire kills 13 Muslim students, adding to Buddhist-Muslim tensions
Change Agent New nonprofit joint venture will tell the positive stories of Afghanistan
Refugees in their own country
Maria Sibylla Merian: Why her art changed how we see nature (+video)
In Gear An electric car – with a side of solar panels
Lake Erie: big algae problems, more to come
Stockton, Calif.: largest city bankruptcy ever (+video)
Angelina Jolie funds Afghan girls' schools with new jewelry line