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Monitor Articles for April 17, 2013

Asian shares dip amidst slowing economic recovery
North Korea demands lifting of sanctions
Boston Marathon bombing suspect caught on video, officials said
New Legend of Zelda game to hit Nintendo 3DS by end of year
New Zealand legalizes gay marriage
Primitive fish may shed light on evolution of limbs
Whirlwind day in Boston bombing case ends, search for mystery man begins
Senate's failure to pass meaningful gun control 'shameful,' Obama says (+video)
Suspect arrested in ricin-laced letters case
MPAA movie ratings: New initiative to assist parents gets mixed reviews
Orbital Sciences Antares test launch scrubbed after malfunction (+video)
Decoder Buzz Ricin roils Washington: How dangerous? (+video)
The Reformed Broker Time to invest in Intel? Not so fast.
Supreme Court: forced blood tests in drunk-driving cases not always OK
'New York loves Boston.' Did we just say that?
'Run for Boston' helps runners everywhere cope with marathon horror (+video)
A roar of protest envelopes Venezuela as opposition calls for vote recount (+video)
Energy Voices How GE is boosting its oil and gas portfolio
Stocks down on signs of global economic slowdown
Antares vs. Falcon 9: How the two rockets ferrying NASA's cargo differ
The Monitor's View What the immigration reform bill still needs
Stir It Up! Crab cake bites and bacon fried pecans: Two do-ahead appetizers
Iran's Khamenei condemns Boston Marathon attacks, but takes jab at US policies
McDonald's settles lawsuit over false 'Halal-friendly' food claim
Energy Voices Has clean energy hit a plateau?
Supreme Court puts limits on reach of human rights law
In the City of Bikes
Reader recommendation: Open and Shut
Culture Cafe 'Man of Steel' trailer shows a very different Superman
Global News Blog New Zealand becomes first country in Asia-Pacific to legalize same-sex marriage
Why Rand Paul could be key player on immigration
Modern Parenthood How do we reinforce trust, confidence in our kids after the Boston Marathon?
NASA's other rocket for hire, Antares, is poised for test launch
In Kenya, home of Boston Marathon winners, 'sports more powerful' than hate
Paper Economy Mortgage rates drop to 3.52 percent
In Boston Marathon bombing case, significant progress and mass confusion
Global News Blog Not so KGB cool: Putin blows top at his cabinet in new video
USA Update Wife of disgraced judge charged with murder in Texas DA case
Terrorism & Security Rockets fired from Egypt slam into Israeli resort town
John Kerry to Congress: Middle East peace effort is urgent
Gmail, Google apps hit by service disruption
Robert Reich Boston bombings: A moment of unity amid economic division
21st Century Fox, finally: What took 13 years?
How to help after Boston Marathon bombing: Relief funds spring up
Marco Rubio crafts conservative argument for immigration reform. Will it sell?
Opinion Mexico should take a more active stance on US immigration reform
Monitor Breakfast Rand Paul: Obama politicizes tragedy, uses Newtown families as 'props'
Italians move northward to trade 'la dolce vita' for 'das süsse Leben'
Is Boston Marathon bombing suspect in custody?
Global News Blog After shipwreck, Costa Concordia gets the musical treatment
Decoder Buzz Four reasons the Senate gun control bill may be kaput
Monitor Breakfast Sen. Rand Paul wants the big microphone of a 2016 presidential run
USA Update Suspicious letter for Obama surfaces, after one for senator tests for ricin
Latin America Monitor Are some Mexican cartels aiming for a more peaceful coexistence?
Olive Press Israeli archaeologist finds common ground underneath Sinai's shifting sands
Pakistan elections: Who's running?
Modern Parenthood Childhood as a garden: Don't let Boston Marathon bombings spread weeds
Enough media attention for Dr. Kermit Gosnell murder trial?
Global News Blog Britain bids farewell to Thatcher's funeral, debates her controversial legacy
Opinion Why I'll run the Boston Marathon again in 2014
Modern Parenthood Adam Lanza bullied as student at Sandy Hook, his mother considered suing
Change Agent Circle of Six aims to stop rape
Chapter & Verse World Book Night US: Washington, Michigan, and New York attract the most volunteers
Culture Cafe Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's 'Annie' gets a star in Quvenzhané Wallis
Chapter & Verse Boston Marathon bombing: how it compares to the 1920 Wall Street attack
Energy Voices A global fracking revolution? Curb your enthusiasm.
Tardy parents get 6-year-old daughter detention
Chapter & Verse Are e-readers hurting our reading comprehension?
Tax VOX What happened to state tax reform?
Culture Cafe Alison Brie, Nick Offerman and others will star in 'The Lego Movie'
Immigration reform 101: How does Senate plan address four big questions?
Bank of America settles lawsuit; profits disappoint
George Beverly Shea dies, leaves legacy as Gospel baritone
Fox pulls 'Family Guy' Boston Marathon episode
Terrorism & Security Bomb blast in southern India raises concern about rising terrorism in Bangalore
Pat Summerall dies, leave TV sportscasting legacy (+video)
Cyberattacks and our spiritual fortress
Boston Marathon bombing: '6L' mark, circuit boards may be key clues (+video)
Verbal Energy Pupils who have yet to unfold their wings
Lottery winners still getting welfare? In Michigan, yes.