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Monitor Articles for April 16, 2013

An unexpected hero in Boston relief efforts: Reddit
49 cellphones confiscated for shooting Oscar Pistorius pictures
Star Wars actor dies: His 'disturbing' Star Wars role outshone a long career
Boston Marathon attack: Circle of possible bombers narrows, experts say (+video)
6.8 earthquake: Strong, shallow quake shakes Papua New Guinea
Candlelight vigil spreads messages of peace and love in Boston
New N. Korea threats against South, U.S.
Afghanistan war can yet be won, US general tells Congress
After Boston bombing, swift help, comfort, and a resolve to keep running
Marathons as 'soft targets' for terrorists? Why panic isn't warranted.
Ireland takes step toward gay marriage rights
Bob Perry, megadonor behind 'swift boat' ads, dies
Stocks bounce back from worst day of year
Has Britain 'got it right' with Margaret Thatcher's $15 million funeral?
Bestselling books the week of 4/15/13, according to IndieBound*
Boston Marathon bombings: 5 books to read in the aftermath
Energy Voices Keystone XL pipeline: Could Congress bypass Obama to get it built?
Paper Economy Housing starts surge 7 percent in March
NASA Space Apps Challenge aims for worldwide collaboration
Modern Parenthood States drop GED: Without affordable alternative, vulnerable students will lose lifeline
Boston Marathon bombs made with pressure cookers: Big break in case?
2013 Pulitzer Prize winners: 4 excellent books
American Airlines computer glitch grounds flights nationwide
What US did to terrorism suspects after 9/11 was torture, report finds
Global News Blog State funerals, ceremonial funerals, and Margaret Thatcher
Change Agent After Boston Marathon blast, many show kindness to runners
Editorial Board Blog Boston Marathon bombings won't define my first marathon
Turkish pianist's Twitter barbs land him conviction for insulting Islam
Modern Parenthood Talking to my son about the Boston Marathon: A mom reflects
Decoder Buzz Immigration reform: public support for a path to citizenship at all-time high
Stir It Up! Oreo cupcakes with cream cheese frosting
DREAM Act: Senate immigration reform bill offers 'best' version yet
Obama and 'terrorism': why he hesitated to use that word
In Boston Marathon bombings, spectators' pictures could hold crucial clues
Monitor Breakfast Mark Kelly on gun control bill: 'We do have a problem' with many senators
Global News Blog Boston Marathon blasts: How the world is responding
Boston Marathon bombing has Russia concerned about its own event security
The Monitor's View The challenge in the Boston Marathon bombing
Chapter & Verse 'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' trailer shows a brewing revolution (+video)
Modern Parenthood Boston Marathon: Poise, no TV key to helping kids cope, says pediatrician
Chapter & Verse Yoko Ono objects to photos in a graphic novel about John Lennon
Galliano dress uproar: Israel bans designer for anti-Semitic rant
In radical move, Hollande puts a bit more sunshine into French government
In rebel fighter's personal story, the arc of Syria's war
Chapter & Verse 10 most challenged books list for 2012 includes some newcomers
Culture Cafe Zendaya 'DWTS': Disney Channel star earns first 10s of the season
USA Update Five earthquakes hit central Oklahoma early Tuesday
'Veronica Mars': Will other TV shows become movies through fan support?
Opinion Long live the purity of seeds for broccoli
Tax VOX How to simplify child-care tax benefits
Iran earthquake, at least 7.7 magnitude, strikes along Iran-Pakistan border
No consulates yet, but China and Taiwan opt for the next best thing
USA Update Mystery man on roof during Boston Marathon bombings (+video)
Terrorism & Security In wake of Boston Marathon bombs, London Marathon reviews security
Antarctic ice tells conflicting story about climate change's role in big melt
The Simple Dollar Everything you need to know about financial planning
Boston Marathon bombing: Feds raid apartment, police seek rental van (+video)