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Monitor Articles for April 13, 2013

Meat recall expands to 13 states
Psy has new music video. World hits 'play' button.
Aurora Borealis tonight? Dazzling northern lights forecast
North Korea tension puts pressure on China, US
Obama budget 'compromise?' No way, says the GOP (+video)
Global News Blog Who's really behind 'I'm in love with Margaret Thatcher'?
With music app, can Twitter become key venue for discovering songs?
Comedian Jonathan Winters: elastic talent
Billionaire awarded $12M in fake wine case
The Simple Dollar Gift card as a tax refund: a good idea?
Airplane crashes in water off Bali, no fatalities (+video)
Immigration reform: Farm-worker compromise brings bill a step closer to Senate floor
The New Economy Big drop in jobless claims: this week in the economy
Maria Tallchief dies, leaves legacy as first American prima ballerina
Idaho dog disappearances: An unsolved mystery
Saving Money Five electronics that won't get any cheaper
$10 minimum wage proposed for Michigan
Carnival cruise ship fails health inspection. Why?
Paul Ryan and Chris Van Hollen: the fiscal bellwethers
Voices of Newtown: How gun violence victims became effective lobbyists (+video)
Culture Cafe David Bowie: As a new album arrives, a celebration of the 40th anniversary of 'Aladdin Sane'
Craig Patterson, avalanche forecaster, killed. Why didn't his air bag save him?
Jimmy Dawkins dies, leaves Chicago blues legacy
Will we ever understand 2012 drought? Study blames 'random weather' (+video)
Venezuela election: Is a vote for the opposition a vote against your mother? (+video)