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Monitor Articles for April 12, 2013

Wearable tech: How three designers weave technology into fashion
Global News Blog Irish bank forges in the smithy of its soul a botched James Joyce coin
US names 18 Russians as human rights violators. What happens next?
USA Update Package for Sheriff Joe Arpaio posed a serious threat, authorities say
Teen suicides linked to disturbing trend: online images of sexual assault (+video)
Verizon offers new $35 a month prepaid plan (but there's a catch)
Stocks end four-day advance as energy slips
Horizons Winklevoss twins try to buy up bitcoin market
Should you download Facebook Home?
USA Update Obama, like everyone, must face the tax man. Here are his numbers.
Chapter & Verse Quidditch World Cup VI this weekend
Why Indonesia's farmers have begun to guard their crops like gold
Tax VOX Obama budget: the plan to cap retirement savings benefits
North Korea crisis: Can John Kerry persuade China to lean harder on Kim?
Monitor Breakfast Tax reform: Why Rep. Dave Camp won't rest until it's done
Africa Monitor Africa's economic boom: Five countries to watch
Modern Parenthood Parents: 'This is the way we've always done it' doesn't work in digital world
Baby mementos: Would you want this hanging from your neck?
Will Bashir's visit help close the divide between the Sudans?
Jonathan Winters dies: Ground-breaking improv comic inspired funny men and women
Chapter & Verse Haruki Murakami's new novel becomes an instant bestseller in Japan
Tim Tebow: Why an athlete, finally, made the cut as a 'Great Floridian'
Paper Economy Retail sales down in March
Egypt's Copts lash out at government's anti-Christian rhetoric
Europe indicates it's sticking with austerity. But is that working?
Chapter & Verse Poem written by a 13-year-old sells for $140,000
Global News Blog Deadly Taliban attack targets elite unit in Afghanistan
PC shipments slump, Windows 8 may be to blame
Kids with claws: Lithuanian woman shelters, cares for three pumas
Twitter to release music app as early as this weekend
Modern Parenthood Uganda's 17-year-old chess prodigy travels across the board to Norfolk, Va.
Zuckerberg forms Silicon Valley super PAC to take on immigration
Energy Voices The decline of the world's major oil fields
Kim Jong-un's goal? Status as the unequivocal god-king of the North.
Olive Press A goat farmer, lured by the green Galilee
Stir It Up! Julia Child's sole meuniere
Teacher fired for Bible: Student asked about biblical reference
Thomas Jefferson: 16 quotes on his birthday
Thatcher, Britain's first female PM, leaves a mixed legacy on women
Coma request Bob Seger: After waking up, Mich. woman attends Seger concert
Change Agent Fiji students set to become the world's savviest savers
China temperature spikes linked to burning of fossil fuels
'42' is a dull treatment of Jackie Robinson's story
'The Angels' Share' is an odd mix of frivolous and socially conscious
Energy Voices New technology could mean tar sands production in US
Chapter & Verse B.J. Novak will release a book of stories in 2014
USA Update Powerful spring storm heads into the Carolinas and Virginia
Chapter & Verse 'Matilda: The Musical' wins raves for its Broadway opening
Energy Voices EPA nominee Gina McCarthy says coal a 'significant' energy source (Sponsor content)
North Korea nuclear missiles: How startling is Pentagon assessment? (+video)
Culture Cafe 'Glee' school shooting episode upsets some viewers
The Oldest Word for Dawn
Reader recommendation: The Passage of Power
Luis Gutierrez: pivot man on House immigration 'gang'
Terrorism & Security North Korea nuclear missile capability: Do they have it or not?
Booting up Arab access to Israeli high-tech jobs
American Idol: Did Thursday's elimination make it an all girls show? (+video)
Feel the reviving warmth of spring
The Simple Dollar How much is your commute costing you?
Difference Maker Claudio Miranda's music is taming a once-violent Brazilian neighborhood
Global News Blog Good Reads: China's limits, competitive America, charitable giving, and New York childhoods
Top Picks: A look back at Watergate, an examination of Wonder Woman, and more