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Monitor Articles for April 10, 2013

How a Maine man lived as a hermit for decades
Why a Hawaii Coast Guardsman is charged with three crimes
Fast-growing dinosaurs kicked inside eggs, say scientists
Worst lapse in years: Fed probes early release of minutes
Georgia firefighters rescued; gunman dead
Kerry makes no further U.S. commitments in Syria
What is killing California sea lion pups? Why unusual event is a concern (+video)
Obama budget's big education items: Preschool for All, college Race to the Top (+video)
What 'Accidental Racist' says about evolution of Southern identity (+video)
Pentagon warns North Korea: You are 'very close to a dangerous line'
Obama budget changes Social Security: Are Republicans on board?
Horizons General Motors gives Facebook another try
Masters 2013: Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson looking for another green jacket
New cybersecurity bill: Privacy threat or crucial band-aid?
Office for Android, iOS? You may have to wait until 2014.
Energy Voices Obama budget boosts 'green energy,' but no olive branch to GOP
Stocks soar, led by gains in technology
Stir It Up! Pasta with pea pesto and simple salt and pepper chicken
Verbal Energy Slipping into my cloak of transparency
Global News Blog 15 years after Good Friday Agreement, an imperfect peace in Northern Ireland
The Monitor's View A path to peace in land, resource disputes
In Gear Ford Motor Company launches competition for fuel-efficiency app
Business before politics: Merchants set up court to handle Israeli-Palestinian trade disputes
Obama’s budget gambit: Return of the 'grand bargain'?
Opinion Obama must throw North Korea a curve ball – a helping US hand
John Denver property sale threatens conservation efforts
USA Update Bradley Manning trial may include Navy SEAL from Osama bin Laden raid
After son falls out window, parents become safety advocates
New iPad? Leaked photos point to slimmer build.
Poems to Learn by Heart
Bipartisan deal on background checks: Biggest gun control win yet?
Reader recommendation: Civilizations
Decoder Buzz Sarah Palin Tesla slap: Elon Musk says he's 'wounded'
Culture Cafe Kevin Bacon apology: The actor said sorry for tweeting a key 'Following' spoiler
USPS Saturday mail delivery is sticking around, for now
Change Agent Start an orphanage in the Philippines at age 80? Of course!
North Korea missile test: What's a Musudan? (+video)
Energy Voices Sarah Palin Tesla slam: Is electric carmaker really a 'loser'?
Modern Parenthood 'Reasons My Son is Crying': Dad says quit with the advice, and follow HONY
Energy Voices Will Warren Buffett buy China's bankrupt Suntech solar company?
Charlie Chaplin: 10 quotes on his birthday
Hermit: 1,000 burglaries by one guy in Maine? (+video)
USA Update Mental evaluation set for suspect in Lone Star College stabbings
'The Fatwa Show': Moroccan journalist tells clerics to just have some fun
Calm in Guam as islanders doubt North Korean missile aim
Six things Obama's budget plan reveals about his priorities
Culture Cafe Kathryn Erbe returns to 'Law & Order'
Opinion Senate deal on background checks aside, outdated tracing system hurts gun control
Olive Press Fashionable and ready to fight
Chapter & Verse Robert Frost: his 10 favorite books of all time
Is birth the 'old-fashioned way' on its way out in Mexico?
Chapter & Verse David Axelrod will publish a memoir in 2014
North Korea threat: How one island is taking Kim Jong-un more seriously
Chapter & Verse Barnes & Noble creates a new self-publishing service
North Korea threat: Is it cooling?
The Simple Dollar Tax day 2013: Your tax refund is not a Christmas present
Latin America Monitor Cuban entrepreneurs determined to 'resolver'
Austin named as second city to get Google Fiber broadband
Masters green jacket and other distinct uniforms: Take our colorful sports fashion quiz
Babushka's gift
Joan Baez returns to Vietnam after 41 years. Why? (+video)
Terrorism & Security Just how bothered is Beijing about North Korea?
Global News Blog Finishing school, Chinese style
Mick Fleetwood files for separation from wife of 17 years (+video)
4-year-old shoots 6-year-old days before Senate gun control debate
Cover Story How dealmaking gets done on Capitol Hill
Lindsey Graham: The senator who revels in the 'ugly' issues
Deals that changed history
Spiritual light on economic woes
Focus Tax reform: Why a kinder, simpler tax code eludes Congress, so far
Pilot's alcohol arrest highlights drunk pilot problem (+video)
Tax VOX Now is the time to fix Social Security
'Sequester blues' for grounded Blue Angels
Fox affiliates OK with plan to thwart Aereo