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Monitor Articles for April 1, 2013

Fans range from giddy to somber on baseball's opening day
Tan ban: NJ law prohibits kids, teens tanning
Ready for a one-way trip to Mars?
Afghan teenager fatally stabs US soldier
J.C. Penney hopes home is where the profits are
Connecticut reaches deal on tough gun laws, 3 months after Newtown
Lollapalooza performers announced: Who made the cut?
Global warming mystery: Are North and South really polar opposites?
Snowdrops usher in spring
Shain Gandee, from MTV's 'Buckwild' reality series, found dead
Stock market's record bull run shows few signs of slowing down
North Korea: US signals strength, but speaks softly
Stefan Karlsson David Stockman NYT piece rankles liberal pundits
Energy Voices Tesla Motors expects first profit; Fisker Automotive eyes bankruptcy
Energy Voices Oil supermajor drops out of Canadian tar sands project
This year's best online April Fools' Day jokes
Stocks slide with slowdown in manufacturing growth
A 'like' for linguistics: Can social media save Mexico's unwritten languages?
The Monitor's View Amid another North Korea storm, look who's calm
Tax VOX How should the US pay for corporate tax reform?
Stefan Karlsson Euro countries take deficit limits with grain of salt
Latin America Monitor Argentina pushes to prosecute HSBC bankers for money laundering
Africa Monitor At South Africa summit, lack of cohesion weighs heavily on the BRICS
Holmes death penalty: Decision doesn't rule out plea deal later
Maroon 5 plans: The band will tour, release new album
Carla Bruni-Sarkozy album targets French president
Decoder Buzz Was Ashley Judd sabotaged by rival Democrats?
Global News Blog French in Mali face Islamist insurgency of unknown strength
USA Update David Stockman warns of economic collapse, critics cry 'cranky old man'
Supreme Court refuses case challenging full price disclosure for airlines
Modern Parenthood Joan Rivers and April Fools: Teach your kids the difference between funny and hurtful
Caroline Kennedy to be US ambassador to Japan? Why it makes sense now.
'Game of Thrones': A catch-up guide for newbies to the TV show
USA Update Texas DA killed: Link to slaying of deputy two months ago?
Opinion Are US drones ethical?
Change Agent Crop insurance helps Kenya's urban poor return to farming
Opinion Think you know the Reagan and Bush era? Think again.
The Entrepreneurial Mind Paying the bills with a small business
Stir It Up! Meatless Monday: Huevos rancheros pizza
Fear Itself
Reader recommendation: The Hopkins Touch
Upfront Blog A balance worth tipping
Russia going back to Afghanistan? Kremlin confirms it could happen
Upfront Blog Trees, meet forest
Decoder Buzz US jets to Korea: Why send stealth fighters to the region? (+video)
‘Long Shot’: 8 observations shared in Mike Piazza’s autobiography
Long Shot
Chapter & Verse Shakespeare: tax evader and food hoarder?
Baseball Opening Day 2013: New faces in new places
10 best books of April, according to Amazon's editors
Readers Write: The tyranny of America's pro-gun majority; Do guns make us safer?
Backchannels A man with one name is playing with shadow puppets on an Indonesian volcano
I-77 pileup was series of chain reactions, highway reopens today
Culture Cafe 'The Walking Dead' finale: Did all the characters make it through?
William Shakespeare: tax dodger, shady businessman?
Tit-for-tat kidnappings bring Syria's war into Lebanese backyards
Culture Cafe 'Game of Thrones' premiere recap: Did the season 3 debut live up to the hype?
Terrorism & Security Reality check? North Korean parliamentary session shifts tone
$290,500 album: Beatles record goes for big bucks at auction
Elwin Wilson, a KKK supporter who reformed, dies
Kevin Ware resting comfortably after surgery
Affirmative action and the court of Spirit
US jets to South Korea: F-22 Stealth fighters join drills (+video)
Spread of Antarctic ice: no longer a global warming paradox?