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Monitor Articles for March 7, 2013

Subaru recalls 47,000 self-starting cars and SUVs
NTSB: Dreamliner battery fire more serious than first thought
Northeastern snowstorm sweeps 'conveyor belt' of snow into New England
Stephen Slevin: $15.5 million awarded in solitary confinement case
Multimillion-dollar art trove found in old garage
Michael Jordan marriage: His Airness applies for license (+video)
NORAD evacuated for 4.5 hours after packages arouse suspicions
Lion mauling death: How dangerous are private zoos? (+video)
Rand Paul's drone filibuster shakes up Republicans
Life after 'sequester': Does federal budget have $1 trillion in fat to cut?
Do gun laws reduce gun deaths? New study says 'yes,' but data are thin.
Global temperature rise is fastest in at least 11,000 years, study says
Arkansas' tough new abortion law on shaky legal ground, experts say
Chávez vs Lula: Two distinct approaches to poverty reduction in Latin America
Conservationists reject polar bear trade ban
Caffeine in flowers helps boost a bee's memory, say scientists
Stocks rise on drop in unemployment
Global News Blog China pushes for Arctic foothold, from a thousand miles away
Horizons Samsung Galaxy S IV: Here's what to expect
Modern Parenthood 8-year-old handcuffed for tantrum: Was it the right move?
FTC turns crosshairs on text message spammers
Facebook redesign like a 'personalized newspaper,' Zuckerberg says
100,000 'killer' bees attack Florida park rangers
Mars flooding: Ancient mega-flood on Red Planet revealed in 3D
Gun trafficking bill passes Senate panel. Is that it for Obama gun agenda?
The Monitor's View Celebrate South Korea on International Women's Day
Lebron James, Heat unimpressed after 16 wins
US aid spending unlikely to change, despite $8 billion wasted in Iraq
Global News Blog In crisis, Bulgarians aware they are on the 'periphery' of world attention
In Gear Audi electric car prototype to star in Iron Man 3
Africa Monitor Eastern Congo's new peace process: What you need to know
#RainbowNation: The rise of South Africa's 'black Twitter'
Mariano Rivera retirement announcement expected Saturday
Michigan judge delays case to await Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage
In Mali fight, Chad proves a powerful partner for France
Chapter & Verse A "Netflix for children's books"?
Bumble Bee tuna recall: Loose cans could cause spoilage
Energy Voices North Korea threat is part of the geopolitical game
Global News Blog A changed Venezuela after Chávez?
Kenyan presidential candidate alleges vote-rigging
North Korea threatens to nuke D.C.: why it's especially angry this time (+video)
Alvin Lee, Ten Years After founder, electrified at Woodstock
Decoder Buzz Rand Paul rising: Has filibuster made him US political star? (+video)
Thousands of sharks near shore of Florida's spring break beaches
Paper Economy Jobless claims fall to 340,000
Chapter & Verse New Paul McCartney comic book imagines Beatles breakup
Energy Voices The richest oil barons in the US
Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead
Reader recommendation: Half Broke Horses
Global News Blog North Korea threatens 'preemptive nuclear attack' on US as UN readies new sanctions (+video)
Culture Cafe Jimmy Fallon: Stern to replace him? An NBC late-night hosting job may be vacant
Change Agent Can music help heal Mali's war wounds?
Britain to remove last troops from Germany in 2019
The Simple Dollar How to build a financial safety net
Modern Parenthood Snooki loses 42 pounds: Gym manager says she gained mommy insight
Chapter & Verse Sherlock Holmes fan to estate: Sherlock belongs to all of us
Five energy challenges for Venezuela
Sardines in India latest indicator of how your food is on the move
Chapter & Verse Three lives saved by a children's book
Stir It Up! Lively, hearty black bean soup with ham hocks
Hugo Chavez brought 'home' to military academy where career began
Regis Philbin will host new show for Fox sports network
Latin America Monitor Can Cuba survive the loss of Venezuela's Hugo Chávez?
Opinion US, Israeli threats of force against Iran are illegal and harm chances for a deal
Opinion Where Rand Paul and John Brennan can agree on US drone program (+video)
Celebrating women
Lion kills female volunteer at California zoo (+video)
37-pound cat finds home, becomes second fat pet in family (+video)
Terrorism & Security Syrian rebels: UN peacekeepers captured in Golan are our 'guests' (+video)
American Idol boys vie for Final 5: Is Curtis Finch, Jr. all that? (+video)
Taco Bell delay of Cool Ranch Doritos Locos tacos irks fans
Al Gore sued for selling Current TV to Al Jazeera
Vatican media blackout: Why no interviews with cardinals? (+video)
In Gear British court dismisses Tesla Motors lawsuit against BBC
A reel cinema's digital divide
Energy Voices After Hugo Chávez, what's next for Venezuelan oil?
European Commission fines Microsoft, warns others