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Monitor Articles for March 30, 2013

Gay marriage opinion shift: conservative lawmakers, pundits left scrambling
Satirist arrested: Egypt's rulers not amused by Jon Stewart's kind of humor
At least 18 killed in Tanzania building collapse
Confederate flag coming down in North Carolina. Why?
Easter bunny horror stories: Resist the urge to give rabbits, ducks, chicks
Mars sand dunes may hint at water beneath
Veterinarians try artificial insemination on Giant Panda at National Zoo
Phil Ramone dies, leaving 14-Grammy legacy with biggest stars
US pushes back against North Korean war rhetoric
In Gear MPG confusing? Ford holds a contest for app developers to help.
UCLA hires Alford away from New Mexico
Navy SEAL accident Ariz.: Member of SEAL Team 6 killed
Man tattoos pit bull: Is that animal cruelty?
President Obama, GOP agree on one thing: the Easter message
The Simple Dollar Do 'savings club' accounts really work?
Kenya's Supreme Court upholds election results
Subway hero: Man jumps to rescue of stranger on Philly tracks
Man thrown from plane over Tennessee (+video)
Oklahoma to permit horse slaughter and meat processing
Bank of Cyprus: Big depositors may lose 60 percent
Woman to head CIA's clandestine service?
American Idol trails The Voice, hits all-time low in ratings (+video)
Still at a stalemate, Italy's president considers stepping down
Energy Voices How high oil prices lead to financial collapse
Saving Money Tax time is near. Seven commonly overlooked deductions.
Latin America Monitor Knowing neighbors through art: Rio houses new Latin American art museum
Nelson Mandela: Still hospitalized, breathing comfortably
Filmmaker, who rescued orphans, killed (+video)
3 dozen school administrators and teachers indicted in Atlanta cheating scandal
Veterans groups gear up to fight any proposed changes to disability payments
In the Holy Land's columns, frescoes, and desert palaces, Herod the Great lives on
Arizona man, 86, gets probation in mercy killing case
Ralph Klein dies: Leaves legacy of a colorful conservative (+video)
Family man and friendly leader? Kim Jong Un gets positive spin at home
Principal killed, six schoolchildren wounded in Pakistan attack